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Case Study

University Gains Productive Projection Advantages

Improved Visibility, Understanding and Function


The Latin University of Costa Rica (member of Laureate International Universities) is the leading private university in the field of education in Costa Rica, with more than 25 years of experience. Its academic program includes 60 professional degrees with different academic levels, which renders it the private university with the highest number of accredited careers in the country. The University has two campuses, San José and Heredia, and headquarters in seven communities throughout the country.


Problem: Necessity to renovate projectors in medicine, business administration and computer science classrooms with high-tech projection systems to enhance interactivity with students and teachers.


  • PJD6235 projectors
  • These projectors meet the needs and expectations of the university, because they feature multiple connection ports, including HDMI, 3D projection, and long-life lamp.
  • In addition to performance in terms of brightness, image quality, contrast and durability


  • Call stations can deploy fleets of zero client workstations with multiple desktop environments at a fraction of their previous spend
  • No mechanical failure or flaws during months of use.
  • Permanent logistical support and advice by the territory manager and the servicing dealer.
  • Functioning ease thanks to devices in remote areas.
  • Quality improvement and lesson comprehension.
  • Exclusive 3-year limited warranty for projectors and enhanced lamp service life.

Besides satisfying our needs in terms of connectivity, 3D projection and warranty, we were also struck by the equipment performance in relation to brightness, image quality and contrast, regardless of the fact that there was a lot of light in the room.

José Luis Cabezas, Infrastructure Manager


Given the need of having cutting-edge technology projection systems that provide features such as 3D projection, enhanced connectivity and better lamp performance, the Latin University of Costa Rica decided in 2014 to launch a process to renovate the projectors existing in the classrooms of Medicine, Business Administration and Computer Science.

The main purpose was to provide teachers and students with equipment allowing them to have enhanced interactive presentations intended to improve lesson comprehension.

According to José Luis Cabezas, Infrastructure Manager of the University, one of the biggest challenges entailed an increased economic investment than the ones the University has made in the past, which, notwithstanding, would be compensated for with the purchase of equipment that would guarantee a longer service life of their parts (including lamps) and, therefore, less corrective maintenance.

“We know that if one of the projectors failed for any reason, it had to be taken out from the classroom to be repaired, which would unavoidably delay the classroom work schedule and decrease teaching quality. Therefore, we needed to purchase equipment with the lowest possible number of failures,” Cabezas pointed out.


It is precisely at this point where ViewSonic appears as a brand willing to play a paramount role in attaining the objectives set by the members of the Latin University.

The University’s initiative to accept testing the ViewSonic PJD6235 series responds to its expectations of 3D visualization by having multiple connection ports, including HDMI and others, together with the exclusive 3-year limited warranty for projectors and increased support in relation to the lamp service life in comparison to other brands.

Initially, the University was provided with 25 of these projectors for this process which lasted about three months. After analyzing these devices, the University decided to invest in another 135 units, thereby creating an alliance that, according to the infrastructure manager, will last for a long time.

"Besides satisfying our needs in terms of connectivity, 3D projection and warranty, we were also struck by the equipment performance in relation to brightness, image quality and contrast, regardless of the fact that there was a lot of light in the room,” Cabezas stresses.

This way, the Latin University is not only limited to implement ViewSonic's technology in its main headquarters, but also in other locations throughout the country, including its headquarters in the province of Heredia, Liberia (province of Guanacaste), Guápiles (province of Limón-Costa Rican Caribbean), and Paso Canoas (border with Panama).

The Manager also stated that in the transition process to ViewSonic equipment, the institution has permanently counted on logistical support and advice both by the brand’s territory management, through Mauricio Rivera, and the servicing dealer, which in Cabeza's opinion represents a significant added value.

“Six years ago, we had had the experience of working with some ViewSonic devices; however, now we are supported by our partner in certain areas, which means increased assistance for us,” Cabeza adds.


After a period of about four months of using ViewSonic PJD6235 projectors, the representative of the Latin University of Costa Rica does not hesitate in assuring that they have had outstanding results with the introduction of that brand of projectors, which have proven to be of high quality and durability.

“There are many advantages. One of them is that, up until now, no mechanical failures have occurred or flaws have been reported. This makes us feel at ease, especially because we have devices in areas away from the capital city and it would be complicated to bring them to San Jose for them to be repaired,” he points out.

Furthermore, the benefits can be measured, he assures, through an improvement of quality and lesson comprehension, because with the projectors of this series we can optimize from a simple slide show to the presentations of online videos and interaction in the visualization of 3D images. This is ideal for careers like medicine, because the different parts of the human body can be viewed from different angles and perspectives.

In the near future, the University has plans to purchase more projectors for other areas on the campus, including classrooms for other careers, auditoriums, administrative offices and meeting rooms. Thin Clients, digital signage and visualization options would be included in the short- and medium-term investment plans.

“I’m certain that ViewSonic has met 100% of our expectations in relation to the fulfillment of our goals. We have liked these products very much,” the representative of the Latin University concluded.

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