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Solution Brief

The Benefits of SuperClear®

IPS Technology

What you'll need

You want to provide your users with monitors that offer the maximum benefits of quality image display. You’re particularly concerned about improving color accuracy. Can a monitor’s panel technology make a difference?


The type of panel used to make a monitor can substantially affect its image
quality. Monitors made with “standard” panel technology (typically twisted
nematic, or TN), while less costly, are disadvantaged by narrower viewing angles
and less accurate color reproduction – all of which can be fatiguing to the eyes.
Monitors made with premium quality panel technology, such as IPS (in-plane
switching), on the other hand, provide a number of benefits. These advantages
are particularly helpful for frequent computer users, as well as for those who
work with graphics or content with a high degree of detail.
ViewSonic® monitors with SuperClear® IPS deliver an extraordinary level of
visual clarity by eliminating image distortion and color shifting. This ensures
true, lifelike color from virtually any viewing angle, along with high color accuracy and consistency from screen to print. ViewSonic SuperClear IPS monitors also feature the highest-available 178/178 degree viewing angles.