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Solution Brief

Bring Digital Signage to your Campus Store

Outstanding Large Format Displays

What you'll need

What you’ll need to equip your campus store with digital signage:

A ViewSonic® large format commercial display – Available in 32", 43", 48", 55", 65", 70", 84" and 98" sizes

A media Player and software such as the NMP-302w or NMP580-W (which includes Signage Manager Software)
and/ or
A ViewSonic all-in-one kiosk or billboard – includes integrated professional-grade media players and easy-to-use content design and management software
and / or
The ViewSonic VSD242 smart display – foran all-in-one countertop or wall-mount kiosk solutionwith or without the
ViewSonic STND-042 kiosk stand – a heavy-duty commercial-grade steel stand for easy kiosk placement in a variety of environments
– Collapses for easy transport
– Adjustable height and angle
– Portrait or landscape orientation
– Integrated power and USB
– Heavy duty, durable design


Textbook sales are down and you need to make some changes to remain relevant. Many retailers are using digital signs – could they benefit your campus store?


Deploying digital signage with audience-appropriate content will immediately enhance your store’s appeal to college-aged shoppers, who appreciate environments that reflect and connect with their smartphone- and social media saturated lives. Digital delivers an outstanding return on investment, enabling unlimited message updates while reducing the costs of repeat printing of new signs. Digital signs give you complete control over the development and delivery of messaging, enabling you to easily adapt content based on season, audience, and time of day or to support advertiser objectives. Any deployed signs can become a revenue source, providing advertisers reach into the highly sought after college-age demographic. Research has demonstrated the power of digital signs to increase sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty, with results showing that:

  • Digital signage attracts customers into stores
  • Digital signs promotes sales of featured products
  • Featuring products on digital signs improves sales of both the targeted item and related items
  • Point-of-sale digital signs reduce perceived checkout wait times, boost brand awareness and increase sales
  • Customers spend more time in stores with digital signage

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