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Solution Brief

Easy Deployment

Cost-Effective Interactive Kiosks

What you'll need

What you’ll need to deploy a cost-effective interactive kiosk:

  • A ViewSonic® VSD242 24" Smart Display
  • (Optional) ViewSonic STND-042 kiosk stand – Add the heavy-duty commercial-grade steel stand for easy placement in a variety of environments. You can also choose to add the following options to this stand, including:
    • Printer Holder
    • Literature Holder
    • Charging Shelf
    • Wheel Kit
    • Bar Code Reader Holder
    • Credit Card Reader Holder


A kiosk browser app from Google Play Store (such as Kioware Kiosk, SureLock Kiosk from 42Gears, or Kiosk Browser)


You’d like to deploy interactive touchscreen kiosks to support your retail, hospitality or other business operation, but they’re expensive and complex to deploy. Is there an easier, more cost-effective method that doesn’t require so many components?


ViewSonic® smart displays for Android™ eliminate the costs and complexities of deploying a customer-facing interactive kiosk, which typically require a Windows-based PC or media player, customized software, and traditional touchscreen monitor or keyboard and mouse.

An all-in-one solution, ViewSonic® smart displays run on an Android OS, include an integrated touchscreen, and quickly transform into fully-functional kiosks with the addition of a kiosk browser app from Google Play Store.

With many free and low-cost options to choose from, these apps enable web kiosk capabilities including the ability to:
•  Load custom or standard interactive web pages
•  Stream content directly to the device via WiFi or LAN
•  Customize browser settings, hide address bars, zoom, and change viewing orientation
•  Block access to control bars, OS and specified web sites and app settings

Offering rapid set up and deployment, interactive kiosks using a ViewSonic Android-based smart display enable you to easily offer added customer convenience along with the ability to capture customer data and extend product, promotional, and brand messaging.