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Case Study

Streamlined Point-of-Care Documentation

With ViewSonic® VSD220 Smart Displays


Signature HealthCARE was founded in 2007 with a vision to radically change the landscape of longterm care forever. Today, it’s a leading provider of long-term care services in the Southeast, Mid- Atlantic and Midwest United States, operating skilled nursing facilities in 90 communities in seven states with more than 15,000 employees. Headquartered in Louisville, Ky., Signature HealthCARE is growing rapidly, acquiring new facilities and developing innovations and businesses to better serve the aging population.



  • Increase cost-effectiveness of 1,000 Point-of-Care kiosks
  • Switch to the Android™ platform
  • Maintain large-format touchscreen experience

Solution: VSD220 smart display


  • Brighter screen, better picture quality
  • Faster performance for quicker data entry and documentation
  • More time for hands-on patient care

Because these smart displays are faster than our previous ones, nurses are spending less time on documentation and more time providing hands-on care.

Mike Easley, Chief Information Officer


Several years ago, Signature HealthCARE began using Point-of-Care kiosks and software from their vendor, Interactive Health Network (www.ihnet.com) to support better healthcare throughout its facility network. Kiosks are conveniently mounted on hallway walls, so they’re easily accessible to caregivers who need to document care delivery throughout the day. These kiosks ensure that patient files are continually updated and provide real-time alerts, management reports and dashboards to help improve quality of care.

In early 2013, after acquiring eight new facilities, Signature HealthCARE faced a crucial decision. From the start, the organization had been using Windows XP® touchscreens in all existing facilities, but the per-unit cost was high. As facility acquisition continued at an aggressive pace, Signature HealthCARE wanted to switch to a more cost-effective (and preferably Android-based) platform. The organization decided to explore its options.


“There aren’t many large-format devices for Android™ on the market, and we still wanted that large touchscreen experience for ease of use,” said Mike Easley, Chief Information Officer. “We found both in the ViewSonic VSD220 smart display.”

By summer, Signature HealthCARE had converted its software to run on the Android touchscreen platform and purchased its first 100 ViewSonic displays. New facilities were outfitted with new Pointof- Care kiosks, and more displays were purchased as break/fix replacements for other facilities. To date, about 200 ViewSonic VSD220 smart displays are in use—and that number will continue to rise.

“Within the next two years, all 1,000 Point-of-Care kiosks in all 90 facilities will be on the ViewSonic platform,” said Easley. “We’re also in heavy acquisition mode. We expect to add a large amount of facilities in the next year, so every new facility will now get ViewSonic technology.”


Signature HealthCARE chose the 22” ViewSonic VSD220 smart display because of its size, screen brightness and ease of use—not to mention the cost-effectiveness of the platform.

“We were paying about $1,800 per kiosk before and now we’re only paying about $400,” stated Easley. “That’s a savings of $1,400 per device, which equates to a $140,000 savings across 100 kiosks. Had this technology been available to us two years ago, we would have saved about $1.4 million.”

“Compared to the Windows® touchscreens, these monitors are faster, better and more affordable,” said Mike Easley, CIO. “Our goal had always been to move to a lower cost, better performance platform and we’ve been able to reach that goal.”

The switch also has a positive benefit on patient care.

“Because these units are faster than our previous ones, nurses are spending less time on documentation and more time providing hands-on care,” he said.