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Case Study

Radiology Workstations

VG Series Monitors Deliver Clear, Expansive Views


Nestled inside one of the top 100 radiology practices in the U.S., Singular Medical Technologies (SMT) designs high-performance PACS (picture archiving and communication system) workstations for use by hospitals, imaging centers, and radiology practices. Based on the PACS standard for medical imaging, Singular PACStations address the global problem of incompatibility in medical imaging by delivering system-agnostic solutions. Designed by radiologists, Singular PACStations are engineered from the ground up to enable radiologists to perform at peak productivity levels. With a sole focus on radiologists, SMT is dedicated to bringing direct access to radiologists and their staff with products that offer zero complexity, sound redundancy and the levels of support they deserve.



  • Ensure clear viewing from any vantage point for tiny radiology worklist font type.
  • Achieve continued high level of image quality, backlight reliability and product availability experienced with ViewSonic monitors over the past three years



  • SMT’s powerful PACStations are now equipped with the greatest-possible clear viewing angles on their five non-diagnostic displays.
  • The company anticipates the continued product reliability and customer satisfaction they’ve experienced over the past three years of using ViewSonic monitors.
  • Customers appreciate the familiarity and assurance of the global ViewSonic brand.

This ViewSonic monitor offered an important feature that allows our product to work in a better way, It’s a terrific addition to the performance and availability we’ve counted on from ViewSonic monitors over the past three years.

Felix Garcia Singular Medical Technologies CEO


Radiologists require clear, accurate images to effectively render accurate diagnoses. To perform with maximum efficiency in today’s environment, they also need efficient visibility of related data like lists of patients from various imaging sites and the content of their reports. SMT accomplishes both by equipping their powerful PACStations with extensive viewing options: two specialized diagnostic displays for reviewing medical images; four monitors for up-to-the-minute access to active worklists; and a fifth monitor for viewing report dictation.

Using one of the three display configurations offered to fit individual radiologist preferences, doctors can easily shift their view from the diagnostic images to patient worklists and the dictation screen. A highly efficient solution, PACStations provide access to everything radiologists need from one chair, without having to move, said Felix Garcia, SMT CEO. However, there is one challenge: when worklists monitors are positioned vertically the small type can appear faded and difficult to read from an off angle. To guard against this possibility, SMT was looking to upgrade to a model that offered the best possible viewing from all angles.

"Radiology worklists often contain very small font and it can slow the radiologists down when they can’t read it clearly from every angle," said Garcia. "Our engineers were looking for a solution to deliver clear, off-angle viewing."


A satisfied ViewSonic customer for over three years – since becoming frustrated with the high backlight failure rate of their previous supplier’s products – SMT’s engineers were pleased to find an ideal solution from among ViewSonic’s current available models.

After considering several options, the engineers chose the ViewSonic® VG2239Smh 22’’ Full HD LED multimedia monitor with SuperClear® MVA panel technology. Along with delivering 178°/178° ultra-wide viewing from any angle, the VG2239Smh offered the quality, picture clarity and backlight features they were looking for, according to Garcia.

"That model had the right combination of features," said Garcia. "My engineers liked the viewing angle capabilities in particular; when we flip it from horizontal to vertical it maintains the image quality perfectly. It made our choice pretty simple."


Radiologists appreciate SMT PACStations for providing the ability to effortlessly view patient lists from several providers at once, enabling them to stay vigilant for the most critical cases ordered for stat viewing. They particularly benefit from the system-agnostic solution – a rarity in the fragmented medical market – and they often comment on how much they like the configuration of the displays. One thing they don’t comment on much: the monitors themselves.

"We love ViewSonic monitors and we buy quite a few of them," said Garcia. "But the fact that we never hear about them from our customers is a good thing. It means the monitors are working exactly as they should."

Now on their third ViewSonic model, Garcia estimates that his company has purchased in the range of 800 to 900 ViewSonic monitors to date, with installations across the U.S. and Hawaii. The VESA compatible mount and the ability to rotate screen orientation from horizontal to vertical are must-haves that ViewSonic has consistently provided. The recent upgrade to the VG2239Smh keeps SMT’s complex, multi-site PACStations on the forefront of today’s radiology equipment.

"This ViewSonic monitor offered an important feature that allows our product to work in a better way," said Garcia. "It’s a terrific addition to the performance and availability we’ve counted on from ViewSonic monitors over the past three years."

One thing SMT’s customers do notice about their five non-diagnostic displays is the distinctive Finch logo.

"They do recognize the brand," said Garcia. "And the brand recognition is a good thing for us."