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Case Study

Private Tutor Improves Student Satisfaction, Attention, and Comprehension in Virtual Classes

with ViewSonic® Interactive Displays


Klicher Sanhueza has been a professor at the Gauss Pre-college School since 2011. With a Master’s in Education from the University of Santiago de Chile, Sanhueza has devoted his career to providing private classes and preparing students for the PSU (University Selection Test). In addition to teaching mathematics and physics to grade school students, Sanhueza also teaches calculus, algebra, and statistics to civil and commercial engineering college students.


Problem: Help Professor Sanhueza continue his private lessons online.

Solution: ViewSonic® ViewBoard® IFP6550 65-inch interactive display with 4K Ultra HD resolution.


  • Greater student participation and interactivity during lessons.
  • Feedback has been so positive that he plans to continue using both the IFP6550 interactive display and myViewBoard software to teach remotely after the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Less time spent traveling to classes, more time spent with his family.

With remote classes, since these kids are digital natives, they feel they are in a friendly environment and get excited with all the myViewBoard™ tools. The interactivity makes them constantly attentive

— Klicher Sanhueza, private professor with a Master’s in Education from the University of Santiago de Chile


In response to COVID-19, Chile began implementing various measures designed to slow the spread of the disease, such as enforcing social distancing, placing residents under quarantine, and closing schools, shops, and restaurants. While Sanhueza had always conducted his one-on-one private classes in person, Chile’s new restrictions forced him to adapt. As teaching was a fundamental part of his economic livelihood, stopping lessons was not an option. In March of 2020, Sanhueza decided to reinvent his teaching process through online classes.


While Sanhueza was aware of ViewSonic® interactive displays and myViewBoard™ software, he had never considered working with these tools before COVID-19. But since Sanhueza needed products that would enable him to teach his online classes just as effectively as he did in his in-person classes, he decided to invest in ViewSonic products.

On March 15th 2020, Sanhueza purchased a 65-inch ViewSonic ViewBoard® IFP7550 interactive display with 4K Ultra HD resolution and a 20-point immersive touchscreen, to be used in conjunction with Zoom Pro and ViewSonic's myViewBoard™ educational software, in order to teach remotely.


For Sanhueza, acquiring the interactive display was one of the best investments he could have made. Before the pandemic, Sanhueza would spend hours traveling to reach his students. But with virtual classes, he is able to reach them instantly. Now, rather than wasting hours in traffic, Sanhueza is able to spend more time with his family in Peñalolén.

Thanks to the ViewBoard IFP6550 interactive display and myViewBoard software, the quality of his classes has also changed dramatically.

“In my face-to-face classes, the kids interrupted the class to go to the bathroom and look for food. They were not motivated and did everything to avoid the lessons. Instead, with remote classes, since these kids are digital natives, they feel they are in a friendly environment and get excited with all the myViewBoard tools. The interactivity makes them constantly attentive; they do not ask for permission to go to the bathroom or become unmotivated. Students who had two hours of classes started asking me for four, those who had one hour a week asked for two.” says Sanhueza.

The interactivity provided by both the interactive display and myViewBoard software excited students so much that many requested for classes to be continued over the winter holidays (something that had never happened to Sanhueza in his 15-year career as a teacher).

With myViewBoard, Sanhueza can send students and parents QR codes that link to all the work done during a study session, so that students can review their work, and parents can see exactly what is being taught to their children.

Sanhueza believes that once the pandemic is over, at least 80% of his classes will remain remote. One of the main reasons for sticking to remote classes is that the IFP6550 interactive display and myViewBoard enable him to both capture the attention of his students, and easily adapt to their learning style – whether it be audio, kinesthetic, or visual.

“Students have different ways of learning, some do it with the help of sounds, others through touch, or visually. The face-to-face classes are rather explanatory, but the virtual one is more experiential, where I am the intermediary between knowledge and the student, it is a constructive class in which we work together,” explains Sanhueza.

However, not all students liked the idea of having virtual private lessons at first. "There was a young student who wanted face-to-face classes, because supposedly he wasn't going to hook up with the virtual ones and I said, "let's try it.” “We did it and now he is fascinated, he has two classes a week,” says Sanhueza.

For Sanhueza, feedback from his private virtual classes has been so positive that he is now using both the IFP6550 interactive display and myViewBoard for his classes at the Gauss School. Administrators, noticing the substantial improvement among Sanhueza’s students, decided to acquire two more ViewSonic interactive displays for its classes.

“I was quite happy, I was a pioneer in the pre-college school, they congratulated me for my classes. They told me that the best pre-college school classes are the ones I teach using the interactive display. I went from having eight students in my class to having 12 the following week, because the kids spread the word that they were having spectacular classes with me,” says Sanhueza.

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