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Solution Brief

The Features of Next Gen Learning Spaces

What you'll need

What you’ll need to create a 21st century learning space:


You’re aware that research has shown that classroom design has a big impact on academic success. What should you consider for creating classrooms that support 21st century learners?


Proponents of the latest best practices in classroom design agree that flexible furnishings and collaborative technology are critical to student success. Research* has shown that 73% of the variation in student performance can be attributed to design factors that:

  • Provide for physical comfort – such as temperature, lighting and comfortable seating
  • Provide visual stimulation – in a vibrant way that balances color and complexity
  • Enable individuality – allowing for personalization and the flexibility to adapt to support a variety of activities and teaching approaches

Mobility, choice of seating and providing breakout zones have been found to be of particular importance. Recommendations include offering:

  • Selective seating – couches, floor pillows, bean bag chairs, and traditional chair/desk combos
  • Mobility – bookshelves and other wheeled furnishings that can be easily rearranged
  • Collaborative configurations – combine desks or use larger tables in place of individual workspaces
  • Huddle spaces – offer convenient group seating plus technology to facilitate small group collaboration and content sharing

Interactive Campus Map

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