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Solution Brief

How to Bring Powerful Low-Cost Interactivity to the Classroom

What you'll need

What you’ll need to add interactivity to an existing LightStream projector:

- Interactive camera
- Laser curtain module
- Two interactive pens
- Annotation software
- Cables for charging and connectivity


Collaboration is critical for 21st century learning, but you already have ViewSonic® LightStream® projectors that you’d love to keep. Is there a way to leverage this investment while also gaining full featured interactivity?


The ViewSonic PJ-VTOUCH-10S Interactive Touch Kit makes it easy to add interactive capabilities – without the need to replace existing ViewSonic LightStream short throw projectors. The Touch Kit contains everything needed to transform classrooms into collaborative learning spaces: an interactive camera, advanced infrared laser curtain module, two interactive pens, Windows and MAC compatible interactive annotation software, and all required cables.

Set up is surprisingly easy. The camera seamlessly attaches to the projector with the included mount and connects via USB cable to an available USB port on your laptop. Easily mount the laser curtain module above your screen with the included magnets, screws, or Velcro sticky tape. Finally, the auto calibration function launches with a single click and completes in under a minute to ensure perfect touch accuracy every time you use your interactive system.

Powerful performance for versatile classroom collaboration starts with a full 180-degree detection range capable of 10-points of touch interactivity using fingers or interactive pens anywhere on the screen. The included annotation software gives students and instructors the ability to draw, write, highlight, and edit on screen to transform projected images, including document files and web pages. Record and save files complete with annotations for later classroom review or sharing with absent students. The rapid charge pens keep classroom activities on track, with a 3-minute charge providing up to 3 days of use.

Interactive Campus Map

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