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Case Study

High-Impact 21st Century Learning Space

With ViewSonic Interactive Flat Panels


Serving the Northeastern Ohio communities of Chagrin Falls, South Russell and Bentleyville, the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District includes a college-prep focused high school, a middle school, an intermediate school and an elementary school. Exemplary student performance on standardized measures has led to local, state and national recognition and each year a high percentage of students pursue postsecondary education. Committed to holistic and personalized education, extensive course offerings extend beyond the core areas, including World Language, Music, Art, and Technology coursework beginning in kindergarten.


Problem: Outfit new Innovation Center with technology to foster flexible, individualized learning. Adhere to budget parameters while acquiring display technology for 10 distinct spaces


  • Five ViewSonic® CDE4803 48” Full HD LED displays delivered visibility to collaboration booths
  • Three ViewSonic CDE6502 65’’ displays offered high visibility to mid-size collaborative spaces
  • The ViewSonic CDE8451-TL 84" touch IFP provided showcase visibility and interactivity in the largest room
  • Two CDE6561T 1 65” interactive touch displays added collaboration capabilities in the technology integrationist’s space and another conference room
  • Solstice wireless collaborative software will enable unlimited simultaneous content sharing and manipulation over the network from any student or staff device

Result: Strategic technology assessment and recommendations by ViewSonic delivered a high-impact 21st century learning space with greater collaborative capabilities. With nearly constant use, the collaborative spaces are among the most popular in the Innovation Center, used by students, instructors and administrators

It’s truly a great space for us. ViewSonic deserves a big thank you for coming in and listening to what we wanted to do, taking into account what we needed cost-wise, and coming up with a solution that worked for us.

Mike Daugherty, Director of Technology & Information Systems


The Chagrin Falls School District was well along the path of evolving to enable effective 21st century education. From kindergarten to 12th grade, every child had his or her own Chromebook; classwork was often project-based and highly collaborative; and the current district strategic plan stressed flexible learning and individualized education for each student.

From this vantage point, the district envisioned adding a flexible learning space that would integrate technology, foster creativity and encourage students to reach beyond traditional educational boundaries. To enable this objective, the district repurposed space from the middle school library and two traditional classrooms, with the goal of transforming them into 4,300 square feet housing three distinct yet interconnected learning spaces:

  • A research center with movable seating to foster idea creation, study and exposure to literature
  • A collaboration classroom to facilitate interaction between students and faculty in small group discussions within the school and beyond the borders of Chagrin Falls
  • An innovation lab offering 3D printers, embroidery machines, laser cutters and more to bring student ideas to life.

With this vision squarely in place, the IT team needed to determine the appropriate technology to make it come to life. The initial plan, which called for budget-conscious short throw projectors, along with 32” displays in the collaboration booths, didn’t quite match their vision of an easy-to-use, high-impact collaborative space.


Around this time, Director of Technology & Information Systems, Mike Daugherty, met ViewSonic representative Tim Atkinson, and everything started coming together.

“Tim came in, looked at the original plan, actually walked the space with us twice, and through his expertise offered recommendations that really made sense for us,” said Daugherty.

Recommendations included boosting visibility in the collaborative booths with ViewSonic® CDE4803 48’’ Full HD LED displays, along with ViewSonic CDE6502 65’’ Full HD LED displays in the adjacent collaboration rooms. The ViewSonic CDE8451-TL 84" Interactive Flat Panel display (IFP) was an ideal fit for delivering visibility and interaction in the largest room, which was designed to accommodate up to 50 participants. Two CDE6561T 65” IFPs added collaboration capabilities in the technology integrationist’s space and the innovation lab.

“Tim recommended that we increase the display size in the booths to 48” for greater visibility, and suggested that we add interactive capabilities in the largest space as well as the two mid-sized rooms, which was a great call,” said Daugherty. “He gave us great advice and we made a lot of changes based on his recommendations – then ViewSonic made it affordable for us.”

The final piece of the solution, Solstice collaborative software, enables wireless connectivity and the ability for an unlimited number of users to simultaneously share and manipulate content.


The vision became a reality with the opening of the Innovation Center in August 2016. It immediately became a student, teacher and administrator hotspot.

Groups of 3-4 students regularly gather in each of the five collaborative booths, connecting their chromebooks and sharing content on the ViewSonic CDE4803 48” displays. The three nearby collaboration rooms outfitted with ViewSonic CDE6502 65’’ displays, affectionately called the fishbowls for their mostly transparent walls, meet the needs of larger groups and have been useful for professional development as well as student project work.

“They’re the same concept as the booth only bigger,” said Daugherty. “Kids can connect to the ViewSonic 65” big screen to show what’s on their chromebook, discuss projects and make changes.”

Even more popular, said Daugherty, is the largest collaboration space. Furnished with a comfy oversized couch and sleek built-in bar seating, 50 participants can gather to view and interact with the ViewSonic 84” CDE8451 Ultra HD 10-point interactive flat panel display. To date the most used area of the Innovation Center, classes from the high school and middle school, as well as groups of parents, staff and district administrators, vie for this compelling space, which is even in use on many Saturdays.

“One great example is our iOS programming class,” said Daugherty. “The teacher connected her MacBook to the display and the kids were able to demo their work up on the screen, interacting with it as if it were a giant iPhone or iPad.”

Rounding out the newly collaborative workspaces, the technology integrationist’s conference-room office has become an even more efficient training space, with the addition of a ViewSonic CDE6561T 65’’ Full HD interactive flat panel display.

Rising above it all, the 84” CDE8451 IFP captures the essence of the future-forward learning space, along with the immediate attention of all who enter. As summed up by Daugherty:

“The addition of interactivity, the look and feel of the wall-mounted monitors, and the overall appeal has really turned out to be terrific. We wouldn’t have had that with projectors. As it is now you walk in and see the giant 84” display – and that huge 4K TV makes a great impact.”

“It’s truly a great space for us,” concludes Daugherty. “Yesterday I walked in and saw 120 kids in the three areas, all being productive in their individual ways. ViewSonic deserves a big thank you for coming in and listening to what we wanted to do, taking into account what we needed cost-wise, and coming up with a solution that worked for us.”

Interactive Campus Map

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