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Solution Brief

Faster, Less Costly Pro-Venue Projector Install

Centered-Lens Pro8 Series Projectors

What you'll need

What you’ll need to upgrade your large venue/Pro AV projector for easy, less-costly installation:


You’re looking to upgrade your large-venue or other pro-grade projector(s) to take advantage of technology advancements and enhance image quality. Are there features you should look for to make installation easier and less costly?


Absolutely. Deployment of professional installation projectors can be more complex and time consuming than for basic business projectors. One important feature for ease of install is a centered-lens design. In any install environment, the use of projectors with a centered lens will simplify the process by eliminating the need to make special accommodations for off-set lens alignment. When replacing a centered-lens projector, using a similarly-aligned lens is even more important as failure to do so will result in improper alignment of the image with the projection surface. Achieving alignment will then require troubleshooting, tweaking and possibly even remounting the projector – adding headaches, time and cost to the installation. ViewSonic’s latest Pro8 professional performance projectors for houses of worship, auditoriums, and other large venues – as well as conference rooms with high-ambient light – feature centered-lens design for streamlined installation, along with other features for these applications, including:

• High brightness
• Horizontal and vertical keystone
• Vertical lens shift
• Extensive connectivity
• IR pass-through
• SonicExpert® and SuperColor™ technology
• Built in USB-A and MicroUSB

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