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Solution Brief

Eye-catching Content with One Screen

98” UHD Commercial Display

What you'll need

What you’ll need for expansive, efficient, eye-catching digital content on a single screen:

  • A ViewSonic CDP9800 98" Ultra HD 4K commercial display
  • A ViewSonic WMK-047 wall mount or LB-STND-003 trolley
  • Slot-in Windows PC for all-in-one convenience
  • Solstice Collaborative Software:
    • Solstice software installed on a Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC and connected to the CDP9800 to collaborate over existing WiFi/Ethernet networks
    - Solstice Pod for turnkey wireless collaboration
    - Free Solstice app downloaded to individual devices

You’re looking into acquiring commercial-quality displays to meet your unique enterprise needs – be they for lobby signage, boardrooms, control rooms, or other use. What are the benefits of using a large display versus several tiled monitors?


In the past, applications that benefitted from a large amount of screen real estate could either combine monitors for a tiled approach, or settle for a single, smaller screen. ViewSonic’s CDP9800 98" UHD commercial display enables the delivery of expansive, efficient, eye-catching digital content with just one screen. With over 8 feet of viewable screen space, this display delivers an expanse of stunning 4K content without the need to manage multiple screens – or the distraction of their joined bezels. Ideal for control rooms, security monitoring, lobbies, boardrooms and other showcase spaces, the CDP9800 makes it easy to deliver huge, video wall-like impact in lobbies and boardrooms. For even greater impact, four daisy-chained CDP9800 displays can support a 3840x2160 UHD signal – delivering a colossal 2x2 video wall with over 32 feet of stunning 4K content. For security and other data-driven applications, simultaneously display content from two inputs with the PIP/POP feature. For ease of integration and control in enterprise environments, this display is big on management benefits as well. Add a slot-in PC via the built-in OPS slot for an integrated solution free of external wires; manage displays with ease via LAN remote control. With a durable, commercial-grade design that includes full metal construction and a scratch-resistant tempered glass screen, the CDP9800 delivers reliable, best-in-class images for any application that would benefit from the impact of a big, visually uninterrupted display.