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Solution Brief

Efficient Dual-System Switching

Pro Monitors with KVM Technology

What you'll need

What you’ll need for efficient dual-system switching:
• A ViewSonic® VP Series Monitor with KVM Technology:
– VP2771 27" WQHD with IPS Panel
– VP2785-4K 27" 4K with IPS Panel


Your work (or high-end hobby) calls for a pro-level monitor and multiple computers and peripherals. Switching between systems is a time-consuming hassle and the extra peripherals take up workspace. Does ViewSonic offer a solution that can help create more efficiency and less clutter?


Select ViewSonic® VP Series professional monitors now include a built-in KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switch to address just this issue. Activated via an easy-access toggle button, this technology lets you control two (or more) separate computer systems from a single set of peripheral devices.

Using the latest Type-C USB connectivity for expanded system support, the ViewSonic KVM switch works with PC and Macintosh systems, including all MacBooks and Chromebooks.

Ideal for creative professionals who often deploy both Windows PC and Apple systems, KVM-enabled ViewSonic monitors cut down on clutter and peripheral costs by consolidating control of both systems in one keyboard and mouse. Perhaps even more importantly, KVM quick-switching helps keep your focus on your work by eliminating time-consuming system swaps.

Simple to set up and easy as a button-push to use, KVM has an exponential productivity and cost-saving benefit by substantially lowering the number of keyboards, mice and monitors needed per workstation.

Enabling KVM switching simply requires connecting your computers and peripherals to the back of your monitor using the recommended cables and setting your monitor to PBP (Picture By Picture) mode. That's all it takes to enable the KVM switch to route signals between your computers and the keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Then, just press the front-bezel hot-key to quickly switch between systems.