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Solution Brief

Curved Monitor Benefits

Unique Applications for the VP3881

What you'll need

You like to stay up-to-date on leading technology. For what applications is ViewSonic’s curved monitor best suited, and what benefits does it offer?


Curved monitors don’t just look leading-edge cool. The ViewSonic VP3881 38” WQHD+ curved monitor offers a host of tangible benefits for anyone whose work or leisure activities benefit from expansive screen real estate, ultra-clear detail and an immersive peripheral view. This includes video/audio production, photography and any type of design work.

With 3840 x 1600 pixels, WQHD+ (ultra-wide quad high definition) resolution delivers four times the image clarity of basic HD, making the VP3881 ideal for graphic design, photography, CAD/CAM and other image or video work. Outstanding color is further boosted with ViewSonic’s SuperClear ISP panel technology, Delta E≤2, HDR10 content support, hardware calibration and a 14-bit 3D look-up table.

In addition to outstanding clarity, the VP3881 monitor provides an expansive wide-screen view that’s particularly useful for working with timeline-based applications, such as those used for video and audio production. Greater horizontal screen space lets users view much longer timelines, bringing greater ease and efficiency to workflows by dramatically reducing the need to zoom and scroll. Productivity is further boosted by the ability to fit multiple browser windows side-by-side with ease.

Beyond these workday benefits, the VP3881 delivers outstanding performance for more enjoyable movie viewing. Ultra-wide viewing angles plus curved edges provide peripheral wrapping for a more immersive, life-like experience, with the added benefits of reduced reflection and glare and an added sense of 3D-like depth. The ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio is a perfect match for the many films shot in CinemaScope (anamorphic widescreen), providing black bar-free viewing for this leading format.

A final benefit for all of the above applications and more, the ultra-thin bezel delivers a less distracting view of your work or entertainment content.