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Case Study

City Modernizes, Improves Emergency Response

With Digital Signage and Widescreen TVs


Located 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, California, the City of Claremont is best known for its tree-lined streets, historic buildings and college campuses. Claremont is a vital, balanced community that provides a wide range of programs and services for all age groups, preserves a full range of housing opportunities, and supports a variety of thriving commercial and industrial centers. The 14-square-mile city is home to approximately 38,000 people.



  • Modernize technology in several city buildings
  • Facilitate general viewing in Council Chambers
  • Install digital signage in City Hall
  • Improve picture clarity in Police Department Emergency Response Center


  • ViewSonic N4785p 1080p LCD monitors
  • ViewSonic N1630w TVs
  • ViewSonic N4200w LCD monitors
  • ViewSonic VOT132 PC Minis
  • ViewSonic PJ558D projector


  • Improved visibility in City Council meetings
  • Streamlined visitor communication in City Hall and Community Center
  • Better surveillance visibility in Emergency Response Center

One thing I really like about ViewSonic is the excellent support. Overall, we’re very happy with ViewSonic—the quality is absolutely great.

Ron Gray, City of Claremont IT Manager


In 2008, the City of Claremont had an aggressive goal to update and modernize the technology in several downtown buildings, including the Council Chambers, the City Hall lobby and the Police Department Emergency Response Center. For assistance, Ron Gray, City of Claremont IT Manager, turned to Intelli-Tech, a local, award-winning value added reseller of computer hardware, software and IT services. Intelli-Tech created an excellent—and affordable— proposal, featuring state-of-the-art ViewSonic solutions.


Kicking off the upgrade process, the city started with the Council Chambers, where they installed four N4785p widescreen monitors, to increase the viewing convenience for the general public, as well as for the city council members themselves. “In the past, when people had presentations for these meetings, we had to bring in a laptop and projector to project the images on a tacky little wall screen,” said Gray. “We wanted to transition.” Three of these 47-inch displays now reside in the audience area and one faces the council members. In addition, the desk of each council member is equipped with its own 16-inch ViewSonic N1630w TV—to further facilitate viewing. Another N4785p monitor and two PJ558D projectors were installed in a large meeting room upstairs, which serves as overflow seating and streams live video from the Council Chambers, when necessary

“Sometimes the Council Chambers is very full,” added Gray. “The large ViewSonic monitors allow everyone in the room to see the proceedings and exhibits. Plus, the monitors accommodate four different input types for driving and projecting presentations—TV, DVD, a resident PC or a guest’s personal laptop. It’s all connected with one easy, push-button mechanism, so it’s very user-friendly and nearly idiot-proof.”

The Council Chambers update was such a success, Claremont decided to take its modernization process one step further—this time, deploying digital signage in the City Hall Lobby. The team installed a ViewSonic N4200w 42-inch LCD monitor, which broadcasts upcoming council meetings, city events, park activities and other public announcements. This display is driven by another ViewSonic solution: the VOT132 PC Mini, which stores and drives the digital signage presentations. The city installed a second N4200w monitor and VOT132 PC Mini in its Human Services building, the Alexander Hughes Community Center. “This has been working out great,” said Gray. “The digital signage communicates valuable information while visitors are waiting in line. It’s an easy way to keep people updated on upcoming meetings and events—and on the rare occasions when waiting lines are long, it helps the time pass more quickly.”

ViewSonic solutions are also at work in the Claremont Police Department’s Emergency Response Center. Before, the city was using eight 22-inch monitors in a stacked array for easy viewing by 911 operators, in addition to four monitors at each of two dispatch stations. As part of the technology overhaul, the city replaced the eight 22-inch monitors with three 42-inch commercial displays, greatly improving overall picture clarity, detail and user convenience for the dispatchers monitoring the incoming security surveillance feed.

“Using ViewSonic multiple display solutions gives our 911 operators a much larger field of vision, so they can monitor many activities simultaneously,” said Gray. “Since these monitors must be running 24/7, ViewSonic quality was key. ViewSonic also set up a ‘hot-swap’ program specifically for this location, so if a display should go down, we have another ViewSonic monitor available immediately, so we can achieve ‘always-on’ monitoring.”


“One thing I really like about ViewSonic is the excellent support,” said Gray. “The dispatch center is a tough place for any monitor to live—the backlights are literally on all the time. Fortunately, if a unit dies, ViewSonic makes it very easy to swap it out with a new one—I get my returns quickly, and I’ve never had any issues. It’s been great.”

Today, the City of Claremont is well on its way to full technological innovation—and is extremely satisfied with its product choices. “Overall, we’re very happy with ViewSonic—the quality is absolutely great,” said Gray. “In fact, we’re making the ViewSonic 22-inch widescreen monitors the standard for all our city staff members going forward.”