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Huddle Spaces

Collaboration stations are versatile brainstorming areas equipped with 21st century technologies. With an array of collaborative solutions including Interactive ViewBoards, Large Format Displays, wall mounts and trolleys, and content sharing software, we deliver a complete turnkey solution – all you need to add are the tables and chairs.

Choosing the Best Solutions for your Business

Designed for small groups, or even pairs of co-workers, huddle spaces are the future of brainstorming and content sharing. Our ViewBoards deliver 10- or 20-point touchscreens ideal for multi-user interaction, while our Large Format Displays are perfect for the sharing of ideas.


55" to 98"


Up to 20-point Touch


Up to 4K


ViewBoard Annotation Software
Your office, our products. The perfect fit.
Large Format, Affordable Price
Collaboration Software
Slot-in PCs & Media Players

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Progressive and cutting-edge, our solution partners provide some of the best resources on the market to help put your vision in motion. With benefits spanning an improved user experience, increased efficiency and productivity, and more, our solution partners are at your disposal. Whether it’s specialized software, hardware, or accessories that you’re in need of, we’ve got you covered.

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