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Solution Brief

Business Benefits of Large Screen Monitors

What you'll need
  • A ViewSonic® 27" or larger monitor

Large screen use cases for improved productivity:

  • Programming – Simultaneously view code and documentation
  • Writing/editing – Keep web pages and reference content visible while writing an email, article or report
  • Spreadsheets – View an entire large spreadsheet at once or simultaneously work with smaller documents
  • Design – Compare drafts; keep pallets/tools visible; and easily zoom into detail across entire space
  • Information tracking – Keep email, market tickers and other stats simultaneously visible
  • Multitasking – For entertainment or work; keep a video or webcast on one screen while checking email, social media or blogging on the other

You’re considering upgrading your employees’ monitors. Although larger displays have become more affordable, you’re wondering if the benefits of going bigger are worth the added cost.


In this case, bigger truly is better. Added screen real estate in the form of larger size and greater pixel count has been shown by numerous studies to improve work performance. Research has even indicated that increasing monitor size can improve productivity more than increasing computing speed. Among the key findings are that more screen space:

  • Increases overall productivity by 30% - 50%*
  • Enables users to complete tasks up to 52% faster*
  • Reduces window management time by up to 90%*
  • Boosts reading comprehension by making more text visible at once
  • Can result in enhanced strategic thinking by enabling a better view of “the big picture”

So how big is big enough? For general business tasks, anything less than 17" results in considerably less productivity; for monitors larger than that the relationship between productivity and screen size follows a bell curve, peaking at around 26". However for specialty uses, such as financial trading and productivity can continue to increase at sizes well beyond this guideline.