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Solution Brief

Boost Efficiency

Custom Multi-Zone Viewing

What you'll need

What you’ll need for efficient, multi-zone viewing:

ViewSonic ViewSplit software 


At home and at work, you want to maximize your time and be more efficient with your projects. You’re a digital multitasker; is there a tool to help boost your productivity?


Yes! ViewSonic’s exclusive ViewSplit software lets you create and customize your ideal multi-view desktop environment for more efficient multitasking and greater productivity.  Great for general home office and business use, ViewSplit is also ideal for applications like finance, design and document editing, where viewing multiple content sources is an ongoing requirement.

Compatible with any ViewSonic monitor, ViewSplit divides the screen into multiple viewing windows using 10 pre-defined templates and up to six customizable views.

Choose to split your screen from two to six segments for simultaneous viewing of multiple apps, documents and web pages – for faster, easier multitasking among several projects or pastimes.

Customizing your viewing experience is easy. Choose from among 10 templates or adjust them to create and save up to six custom screen views.

Drag and drop open pages into the screen segments and your files and apps will automatically position and resize accordingly. A window-swap function lets you easily move among even more open pages.

The last layout memory function gets you going quickly by immediately accessing your preferred setting and positioning your documents appropriately when they’re first opened.