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Case Study

Airline Catering Company Upgrades to Durable Smart Displays

from ViewSonic®


Operating in more than 200 airports worldwide, Gate Gourmet is a leader in commercial airline catering services. As the primary concessionary of Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima, Perú, the company is in charge of preparing thousands of onboard meals for the hundreds of planes leaving the main terminal every day.

In order to provide the best experience possible to passengers, Gate Gourmet’s specialized chefs develop standard operating procedures that help guarantee consistent quality around the world. These procedures enable the company to serve thousands of individual menu items managed via a system of complex and consolidated logistics.

To help find an adequate solution to the continuous wear and tear of their display equipment, Gate Gourmet hired Daruchi Corporation. With over 12 years of experience, Daruchi provides IT services to government, private sector, and public entities.



  • Find a durable touch screen solution that can withstand the rigors of an intense cooking environment


  • The ViewSonic® VSD242 24” (23.6” viewable) Smart Display delivered the durability and practicality Gate Gourmet needed


  • Increased effi ciency and decreased downtime in the Gate Gourmet cooking environment
  • The VSD242 smart displays provided durability and performance throughout constant usage and daily wear and tear

The ViewSonic® VSD242 smart displays far exceeded our expectations. So much so that the rest of our corporation may replicate our case study throughout the rest of our global locations.

— Eric Solórzano, IT Manager, Gate Gourmet


Due to strict safety and health regulations in the Jorge Chávez terminal of El
Callao, the Gate Gourmet cooking staff operates in a closed environment not open to the public. Within this environment, the staff is in constant contact with food and cooking equipment. Due to the continuous wear and tear of this fast-paced cooking environment, the team’s previous monitors and display equipment often malfunctioned and became less effective the more they were used.

To find a better, more durable monitor alternative, Gate Gourmet decided to change its corporate Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP), and required that interactive multitouch smart displays be used in their kitchens. Gate Gourmet began to look into tablets as a solution, but found that only 10.1” models were available in their region, and were not big enough to meet the expectations of internal users.

Gate Gourmet then began a global search to find the best solution possible that
included large screen sizes, durable designs, and could operate as a replacement for an independent PC with an operating system and data processing unit.


After receiving three different proposals from three different touch display vendors, Gate Gourmet found that the VSD242 smart display from ViewSonic met all of the necessary requirements.

“Despite them providing an imported device, ViewSonic still guaranteed the performance of the VSD242 in our country,” said Eric Solórzano, Gate Gourmet IT
Manager. “And they were the only vendor that offered the equipment and features we were looking for.”

Gate Gourmet purchased 40 units of the VSD242, due in large part to the following features of the smart display:

  • 10-point multi-touch projected capacitive technology
  • Ability to perform as a stand-alone PC replacement, or as a traditional Full HD touch monitor via HDMI connection to PC or laptop
  • Android Lollipop operating system
  • Full Google GMS certification to provide instant access to Google Play™ store and thousands of current Android apps

“With its sleek ID, thin bezel, and 7H screen hardness, the VSD242 delivered the
robustness and durability that Gate Gourmet required. It’s a flexible enough solution for their tough environment, as well as for information kiosks, public screens, POS stations, libraries, and retail stores,” said Alex Carlos, ViewSonic Area Manager for Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador.


Gate Gourmet has been using the VSD242 smart displays for the last two years, with no technical or functional problems despite the constant usage in the Gate Gourmet cooking environment. In addition to the durability provided by the ViewSonic® smart displays, Gate Gourmet also enjoys the high-resolution images, large 24” screen size, and ease of use provided by the VSD242.
"The ViewSonic® VSD242 smart displays far exceeded our expectations. So much so that the rest of our corporation may replicate our case study throughout the rest of our global locations,” said Solórzano.