• Windows 7 Pro Diskless COA + Userful Multiplatform License
  • Plug-and-Play LAN; Connect up to 20 users per server
  • Complete multimedia experience with headphone/MIC
  • Supports automatic fail-over N+1 server redundancy
  • Compact VESA-mountable form factor mounts to monitor


The ViewSonic SC-U25 VDI Value Client is the simplest solution at the lowest cost for desktop virtualization deployments. With the included Userful Multiplatform Desktop Virtualization software, administrators can easily deliver a mix of customized Microsoft Windows and cloud-client Chrome browser desktops within a local area network. Easy Plug-and-Play LAN installation supports Gigabit Ethernet. Outputs include VGA, RJ45 for host, and four USB Type A ports for multiple peripherals. The SC-U25 also supports up to Full HD 1080p resolution, and includes headphone/mic inputs for enhanced multimedia. With no moving parts, the SC-U25 virtually eliminates service, updates, and maintenance to lower the overall total cost of ownership.
Simplified VDI Management & Maintenance

Simplified VDI
Management & Maintenance

Userful MultiPlatform features a browser-based control center, providing easy-setup and centralized management. The integrated hypervisor function also provides a drag-and-drop interface—empowering even those with limited IT training to easily upload and deliver various desktops.

Simplified VDI Management & Maintenance
Versatile OS Support

OS Support

Userful Multiplatform offers a flexible choice of operating systems for IT administrators and end client users. Whether choosing Windows, Linux, or cloud-clients, IT administrators can assign different desktops based on the end client’s OS preference, or deploy a single desktop to everyone. At each desktop, each user can also choose among the provided Operating Systems with a simple click.

Choose Your OS
Windows, Linux, or Cloud
Versatile OS Support
Cost-effective VDI


With Userful Multiplatform software included, this value client is a perfect cloud client for cost-effective virtual desktops with up to 20 users per PC server. Not only does the SC-U25 enhance operation efficiency, but it also reduces IT management expense and the total cost of ownership.

20 Users
Per PC Server
Cost-effective VDI
Sizing Guide


Deployments are greatly simplified by utilizing standard desktop PC class servers. A typical Core i7 class server can power up to 20 native Chrome Browser-based clients for approximately $359 per user, or up to 10 virtual Windows 7 desktop clients for approximately $389 per user.*

*Assuming a typical user setup with a $600 PC server, $120 monitor, $179 SC-U25 Value VDI Client, and $30 keyboard and mouse.

Sizing Guide

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