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Home Office Tips

If you find yourself suddenly working from home, and don’t know how to manage it, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the list below for tips on how to make working from home a productive, comfortable experience. Enjoy less time commuting and more time being productive and hanging out with your loved ones.

Add an Extra Monitor

According to some studies, adding an extra monitor can increase productivity by as much as 30%. Stop switching between tabs and give yourself more “desktop space” to do the tasks you need to do.

Take Frequent Breaks

When you’re working from home, it’s easy to get caught up in tasks and to stay seated for long periods of time. Remember to get up and stretch, drink water, and spend some time away from your phone or computer. If needed, you can even set a timer to remind yourself to take breaks.

Don’t Work From Bed

While wearing pajamas are a perfectly acceptable work-from-home practice (provided you’re not on video camera), working from your bed shouldn’t be. Working surrounded by fluffy pillows isn’t conducive to productivity.

Make Lists. Keep Logs.

While employers have visibility into what you’re doing when you’re in the office; they lose that visibility when you work from home. Make sure to keep track of your tasks and assignments when you’re working from home.

Make Sure Your Setup is Ergonomic

Whether you’re working in the office or at home, it’s important to make sure your setup is ergonomic so you’re not hunching your back to type or craning your neck to look at the screen. Make sure you can comfortably type with a straight back and see the screen without leaning forward.

Don’t Overwork

When you’re working from home, it’s easy to feel like you’re on call 24/7. When you’re done with work and it’s time to clock out, make sure to disconnect and spend time with your loved ones.

Get Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If your kids are home from school and you need to concentrate, consider investing in some noise-cancelling headphones. Trust us on this one.

Create a Dedicated Space

Your brain is good at creating patterns. Create a dedicated space for your home office so your brain will recognize it as a place for work and work only.


When teams are separated, communication tends to break down. Make sure to over-communicate so that everyone is on the same page.

Plan Against Distractions

Distractions will happen. Plan against them by blocking out time for concentrating where you can’t be disturbed. Let your loved ones know that “working from home” means you need to be at work and not doing laundry or picking up the kids from school.

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Setup For Success

Sure, you can get work done on a laptop alone. Or maybe you already have a desktop monitor for your home setup. But adding an extra monitor can do wonders for your workflow. Whether you’re looking for dual monitors, immersive curved screens, or ultra-wide solutions, we’ve got what you need for a more efficient workspace.

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ViewSonic Interactive Home Office

When combining the TD2455 touch display with either our 43” or 55” CDE 4K commercial displays, you can transform your home office into an interactive communications hub for boosted productivity and better collaboration—for less cost than a standard digital whiteboard setup.

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Home Entertainment

Working from home can be tough. But if your kids are also home, then it can get challenging. With the ViewSonic M-series of portable projectors and gaming monitors, you can keep your kids entertained for hours while you work.

Personal Entertainment

These high-quality projectors can be taken anywhere in your house and come with a variety of flexible connectivity options. Save yourself the stress of chasing after your kids and let them concentrate on watching educational shows and movies while you concentrate on your work.

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Gaming Monitors

While working from home might seem exciting at first, staying there can get tedious after a while. Make staying at home enjoyable with ViewSonic’s full lineup of esports-caliber gaming monitors.

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