• Laser LED Hybrid Light Engine
  • Lamp-free, Mercury-Free
  • 1,600 Lumens
  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • Light life over 20,000 hrs
  • Smart Energy Efficiency


*Refurbished. 30-day DOA policy for full refund, with a 90-day repair warranty on parts and labor.

The ViewSonic Pro9000 is a full HD 1080p laser LED hybrid projector ideal for home theater. This projector is equipped with TI DarkChip3 technology to deliver excellent colors, while 1080p resolution with 1,600 ANSI lumens and 100,000:1 ultra-high contrast produce astonishing, razor-sharp image quality. Built with the advanced hybrid light engine, the Pro9000 is a lamp-free projector that can operate 20,000 hours of light life, with filter-less design making it virtually zero maintenance. The projector comes standard with dual HDMI for connecting to 1080p devices, audio out for attaching external stereo speakers and RS232 for centralized remote control capability. Home theater enthusiasts can count on the Pro9000 full HD 1080p laser LED hybrid projector to bring stunning, movie-like visual experience to any room.


What other companies are saying

Fractus Learning Review
"The ultimate of all the projectors, not just classroom projectors, the ViewSonic PRO9000 is for some serious high-def projecting. "
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Fat Wallet Review
"The biggest difference between them is that the Pro9000 is lamp-free, producing images as a laser LED hybrid, which is some seriously cutting edge technology that’ll give you some of the smoothest, crispest images you’ll ever seen on an artificial screen. "
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Product Specifications

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1920 x 1080

Throw Ratio

1.5 ~ 1.8

Throw Distance

4.9ft–16.4ft / 1.5m–5.0m

Brightness (Lumens)

1,600 ANSI

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