• Powered Lens Shift
  • Motorized Zoom & Focus
  • Optional Edge Blending
  • Optional Warping / Geometric Adjustment


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The ViewSonic Pro10100 is a high-brightness installation DLP projector. It boasts 6,000 lumens of brightness, XGA (1024x768) native resolution, and is designed for theaters, museums, auditoriums, lecture halls, houses of worship, and other large commercial venues. The Pro10100 comes standard with powered zoom and focus, motorized vertical and horizontal lens shift, network management, and DICOM SIM mode. With dual-layer dust-free filter and advanced heat-dissipation technology, the Pro10100 is designed to support 24/7 continuous use and 360-degree installation. Optional features include interchangeable lenses that provide increased installation flexibility, multiple-image edge-blending capability, and image-correction technology for 4-corner, curve, pincushion, barrel, and rotation projection surfaces. In addition, with its wide range of digital and analog inputs, the Pro10100 is the ideal solution for commercial installations and large venues.
Interchangeable Lens Design

Interchangeable Lens

An interchangeable lens design provides greater flexibility for various large venue and commercial installations. With optional short throw, standard throw, and long throw lenses (sold separately), this projector offers various throw ratios and distances to meet the installation needs for different environments.

Lens Versatility
Short, standard & long throw options
Interchangeable Lens Design
Lens Shift

Motorized Vertical & Horizontal
Lens Shift

A motorized lens shift feature offers vertical and horizontal adjustments of the projection lens. This feature provides flexible projector placement for challenging installations.

Horizontal & Vertical
Lens shift
Lens Shift
Powered Zoom & Focus

PoweredZoom &

This projector comes standard with powered zoom and focus, which enables the installer to easily adjust lens zoom and focus settings from a remote control. This feature provides installation flexibility, ease of use, and fast deployment.

Remote Control
Zoom & focus
Powered Zoom & Focus
Seamless Edge Blending

Edge Blending

Designed for ProAV applications and challenging installations, an optional edge-blending feature allows multiple projectors to seamlessly project multiple images to form a single cohesive image with uniform brightness and color – no matter how large the projection screen surface.

Seamless Edge Blending
6,000 Lumen Brightness

Bright Images in Large Commercial Spaces

Packed with 6,000 lumens and a high contrast ratio, this projector is guaranteed to produce bright images in large commercial spaces with high ambient light including auditoriums, convention centers, lecture halls, houses of worship and more.

6,000 Lumen Brightness

Product Specifications

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1024 x 768

Throw Ratio

LEN-008: 0.99 – 1.26
LEN-009: 1.26 – 1.58
LEN-010: 1.58 – 3.00

Throw Distance

LEN-008: 3.3 – 25.2 ft. (1.01 – 7.68m)
LEN-009: 4.2 – 31.6 ft. (1.28 – 9.63m)
LEN-010: 5.3 – 60.0 ft. (1.61 – 18.29m)

Brightness (Lumens)

6,000 ANSI

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