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From a stunning 84-inch Display to a Unique VDI-Video Wall, ViewSonic Exhibits a Wide Selection of Interactive Touch and Ultra HD 4K Solutions

LAS VEGAS, Digital Signage Expo, Booth 837 (March 11, 2015) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, showcases digital signage solutions at 2015 Digital Signage Expo, March 11-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. ViewSonic® large format display products demonstrate smarter ways system integrators can deliver solutions across various commercial industries including corporate, education, retail and transportation.

The VG2847Smh Delivers Future-Proof Connectivity Options and Superior Screen Performance with SuperClear® Pro MVA Technology

Brea, Calif. (March 10, 2015) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, introduces the VG2847Smh 28-inch Full HD monitor. The VG2847Smh delivers superior screen performance with a SuperClear MVA panel while an integrated virtual desktop infrastructure endpoint mount makes it an ideal desktop monitor solution for business, government and educational organizations deploying VDI solutions.

From Ultra HD 4K Monitors and Feature Rich Projectors, to the Most Comprehensive Line-up of VDI and Commercial-Grade Large Format Digital Signage Solutions, ViewSonic Unveils its Latest Innovative Display Products

LAS VEGAS (Jan. 6, 2015) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, unveils its newest visual display technology solutions at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, at the Encore Hotel, January 6-9, 2015. The company’s line-up of new products to be showcased at CES will include Ultra HD 4K monitors, newly redesigned and price-competitive digital projectors, comprehensive VDI endpoint solutions and commercial-grade digital signage. With the company’s strong display product heritage, ViewSonic continues to lead the visual display industry with innovations such as touchscreen, interactivity, curved, and 5K displays as well as wireless connectivity, cloud and virtual-based technologies that meet today’s demanding environments.

Ranging from 21.5- to 27-inches, the New Privacy Filter Screen Protectors Keep Confidential Data Secure While Maintaining Front-of-Screen Performance

Brea, Calif. (Dec. 15, 2014)ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, launches a line of Privacy Filter Screen Protectors for desktop displays.  The new line was developed with Tech Armor™, a leading provider of accessories and screen protectors for mobile devices.  The ViewSonic Privacy Filter Screen Protectors deliver superior front-of-screen performance while preventing anyone outside a 60-degree viewing angle from seeing the content.  The ViewSonic Privacy Filter Screen Protector is the ideal solution for many applications in healthcare, financial services, business and government, education, and as well as anyone concerned about their on-screen privacy.

The CDP5560-TL and CDP4260-TL feature six-point interactive touch, OPS PC Slot, and 1080p Full HD IPS Panels for Wide Viewing Angles; New EP5012-L and EP5012-TL ePoster Kiosks Boast Sleek Design and Powerful Functionality

Brea, Calif. (Dec. 2, 2014) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, introduces two new LED-based, Full HD large format commercial displays with six-point simultaneous touch interactivity. The CDP5560-TL 55-inch display and the CDP4260-TL 42-inch display feature Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) for effortless installation, flexibility, and manageability. ViewSonic’s CDP5560-TL and CDP4260-TL displays are fully integrated, large screen touch solutions ideal for interactive advertising, wayfinding, surveillance, education, transportation, and hospitality applications.

Bundled with Userful Multiplatform™ Software and ViewSonic’s Award-Winning Hardware, the SC-U25 Features Easy Installation and Flexible Management, Making it the Ideal Entry-Level VDI Solution

Brea, Calif., U.S.A. and Calgary, AB., Canada (Nov. 6, 2014)ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, introduces the SC-U25 Value VDI Client with Userful Multiplatform™ Software for easy and cost-effective Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment. Working with Userful Corporation to integrate its Userful Multiplatform™ virtualization software, ViewSonic’s SC-U25 is an easy plug-and-play LAN client that supports Gigabit Ethernet-based installation for easy deployment and simple management. The SC-U25 is ideal for education settings including libraries, labs and classrooms; SMBs including service businesses, medical and dental offices, and call centers; as well as hotel business centers that need low-cost and flexible options for a virtual desktop or cloud computing-based environment.

Industry leader in display technology partners with pioneer in cloud-based
digital signage software to provide reliable, secure, and scalable digital signage

LAS VEGAS, NV – (InfoComm # C-7118) – June 18, 2014 - ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, and digbil, the digital signage brand under American Megatrends (AMI), announce a partnership to provide best-in-class digital signage solutions.

New CDE5500-L and CDE6500-L Commercial Displays Deliver a Competitive Price-Performance Solution for High-Impact Visual Messaging

Walnut, CA, June 9, 2014 – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, is now shipping its new CDE5500-L and CDE6500-L commercial displays.  The new professional commercial displays are perfect for public display settings from hospitality and retail to corporate, government, educational and healthcare facilities. With stunning visual performance and intelligent features, these professional all-in-one commercial displays offer outstanding value without any sacrifice.

Digital menu board

ViewSonic is serving up innovative display solutions in Chicago, Illinois at the National Restaurant Association Show from May 18-21, 2013. Visit us at Booth #1272 where we’ll be showcasing a variety of easy-to-use, high-definition displays and video walls that deliver tantalizing images of your restaurant’s most delicious dishes, our thin-bezel displays optimized for menu boards, and our newest and slimmest ePosters that are ideal for wayfinding, entertainment, or information kiosks. In addition, our incredibly responsive touch displays can make self-ordering fun and easy, or they can be used as a touch-enabled monitor for your hostess desk.
Also at our booth will be a number of our trusted partners. Shuttle Computers is supplying their media players to drive content on our digital displays, while Popstar Networks is providing the digital content for our menu boards and video walls. And as always, our long-time partner, Premier Mounts, will be providing all of the mounts for ViewSonic’s digital signage.
Join us in Booth #1272 to see how your restaurant’s mouth-watering menus can come to life with any of ViewSonic’s digital signage solutions.
Corporate names and trademarks stated herein are the property of their respective companies. Copyright© 2013 ViewSonic Corporation. All rights reserved.

Touch technology has revolutionized the way we interact with our computing devices, and has become the user interface of choice. Everything from ATM machines, interactive ticket booths, POS devices, slot machines, and information kiosks feature a user-friendly interactive touch screen. Let’s take a look at two of the most common touch technologies in use today.


ViewSonic brings innovation and style to Digital Signage Expo 2013. Visit us at Booth #224 to see our newest digital signage solutions designed to deliver impactful visual imaging for all your business signage needs. Among the dazzling new products we’ll be showcasing are our sleek EP03r ePoster series, our ultra-narrow bezel CDX4650-L LED and our stunning 84” multi-touch 4K Ultra HD display. here


The EP03r ePoster series feature amazing resolution, a built-in media player, and multiple video inputs for easy integration and configuration - all within the slimmest ID yet. An edge-to-edge glass faceplate with curved corner styling creates a differentiating and eye-catching look. This display is ideal in retail settings, banks and universities. Click here to learn more.


The 46-inch CDX4650-L is a high bright, Full HD, ultra-narrow LED commercial display with an Intel® OPS slot, to easily integrate with any OPS-compatible media player. Optimized for video walls, menu and transportation boards, the CDX4650-L features up to a 10x10 tilting feature and is perfect for 24/7 commercial display applications. Click here to learn more.


Our 4K Ultra HD display provides stunning color and clarity with glorious, immersive images. This display is perfect for scientific imaging, GIS mapping, as well as high traffic areas such as transportation hubs, business centers, hospitals, retail environments, or anywhere that touch applications are required. here


See all of our slim, sexy and innovative signage at DSE Booth #224. Not attending? Take a virtual tour here. Which is your favorite? Tell us on the blog.


Corporate names and trademarks stated herein are the property of their respective companies. Copyright© 2013 ViewSonic Corporation. All rights reserved.


Wireless Projectors

Projector technology has evolved, now delivering better picture quality and expanded connection options. In addition to the traditional, wired (VGA/DVI/HDMI) connections, content may now be displayed from a thumb drive and wireless connections. Recent technology advancements have made wireless connectivity much simpler and powerful. A projector is a necessity of every business professional when presenting in the office or on the road. So don’t spend the first few minutes of your meeting locating and connecting the cables, jostling loose connections, or checking for bent pins. Instead, be presentation-ready with a wireless projector.


There are many benefits to using a wireless projector, which include:

  • Presenters are no longer confined to a small area next to the projector. They now have the freedom to sit anywhere in the room, usually within 30 feet of the projector (line-of-sight is required to maintain the quality of the signal).
  • The projector may be shared with multiple computers in the room, promoting team collaboration.
  • By wirelessly connecting a presenter’s mobile device to the projector, he/she can walk about the room with his/her device to interact and engage with the audience.
  • Presenters don’t need to bring along their connection cables while they travel.

Some factors businesses need to consider when using a wireless projector include:


  • The wireless bandwidth required for video streaming presentation.
  • The WiFi signal range necessary for a large-sized room.
  • The wireless connectivity stability that can impact the image quality.

When all these aspects are verified, wireless projectors can deliver great conveniences for businesses, especially for mobile presenters.


Is your business ready to take advantage of the benefits wireless projectors have to offer? What other wireless solutions do you use in your business operation? Tell us on the blog.


Have questions on what’s the right wireless projector for your business? Learn more from our press release here.


ViewSonic has been a leading innovator of display technologies for over 25 years and understands the advanced features necessary for delivering a powerful presentation. ViewSonic offers one of the industry’s best overall projector warranty with 3-year limited parts, labor and LED light source, plus 1st year complementary Express Exchange® service. To learn more, click here.


Corporate names and trademarks stated herein are the property of their respective companies. Copyright© 2012 ViewSonic Corporation. All rights reserved.

Digital signage solution with facial recognition capabilities are being made possible with recent advancements in cameras, processing power and application software. Facial recognition is a turn-key solution that shifts customer engagements from static to proactive, helping retailers interact in a way never before possible. “Sense of sight” intelligence allows a digital sign to extract visual data to gauge the audiences’ gender and age, and associate the results with an advertisement designed for that specific audience. This helps retailers not only deliver more targeted messaging but also translates to a more pleasurable customer experience, longer dwell time and increased engagement.

A South Korean company, SK Telecom, has launched a digital signage solution with facial recognition in a shopping mall in Korea across twenty-six digital signage displays strategically placed at various locations throughout the mall. In preparation for the launch, SK Telecom included 5,000 facial images and an additional 1,000 pieces of key facial features (facial shape, wrinkles, and distance between eyes) associated with age and sex identification in the control pool.  The company plans to spend three to six months to collect traffic volume and pattern information before approaching advertisers to customize ads based on sex and gender.

Intel also launched Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite) for digital signage solutions; it integrates three intelligent software programs to deliver  impression metrics: Intel® AIM View collects audience demographic data, detects content viewed and viewing duration; Intel® AIM Analytics analyzes the data into a granular level and outputs into easy to understand graphs/charts and CSV formats; Intel® AIM Manage is a sensor management system that remotely manages the operation via the cloud. In addition, to protecting audience privacy, AIM Suite does not record facial images or personal information about the viewer.

Facial recognition technology helps advertisers (from automotive to cosmetics industries) generate more ROI from affectively communicating specific messages within target audiences. ViewSonic is excited about this trend and will continue to evaluate its market potential as it gains momentum. For more information on digital signage solutions, click here. Have additional questions on the best display for you? Ask us on the blog.

Corporate names and trademarks stated herein are the property of their respective companies. Copyright© 2012 ViewSonic Corporation. All rights reserved.

As we multitask our way through our busy day, why not grocery-shop as we wait for the subway or train? This is what drove Tesco and Peapod to provide virtual grocery stores aimed at on-the-go commuters.

Virtual Grocery Stores are large displays (bill boards or digital signage display) with life sized pictures of common grocery items. Below each item, there is a unique QR barcode associated with the product for shoppers to purchase on the spot with their smartphones and schedule deliveries.

Tesco (South Korea and UK) and Peapod (US) have deployed these virtual grocery stores at public transit hubs like at the airports, subways/train stations, and bus stops, where tens of thousands of commuters gather, to deliver convenient grocery shopping between wait times. Tesco in South Korea and Peapod in US have adopted the static billboard platform, while Tesco in UK deployed interactive digital signage  for a cleaner look and smaller footprint.

According to Tesco, mobile revenue has more than doubled in the past 12 months. Interactive Media in Retail Group projects mobile commerce (m-commerce) to make up around 15% of all online sales by the end of 2012. In addition, a Nielsen survey found that 61% of respondents already use the internet to shop for groceries and one quarter of them plans to purchase groceries online in the next 6 months.

Is the virtual grocery store the next frontier to food shopping for our families in this digital era? We think so. So many commodities are already being purchased online; the virtual grocery store will be one more convent way to tackle our daily to-do list on-the-go and free up our time. We anticipate the static billboard to be upgraded to interactive digital signage very soon as this solution is a much more efficient way to deploy, mange, and lower TCO for business owners.

Have more questions on the right digital signage solution for your business? Learn more from this link here or ask us here on the blog.

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Digital signage solutions provide excellent revenue and margin opportunities for VARs who target the restaurant or QSR vertical. Nowadays, the VAR can benefit by selling signage as a total solution. This is due to the fact that there is margin opportunity in the hardware, installation, potential network configuration, service, and in some cases, content development.

The opportunity for digital signage sales has grown tremendously, and is broader than ever before. Here are just a few of the ways that your customers may be looking to implement these solutions:


The face of digital signage is rapidly changing, and its advancements in technology are pushing progression right along. Have you heard the term Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)? OPS architecture ties the digital signage ecosystem together with standardized interoperable hardware interface to drive effective component design, development and simplified integration complexity for lower implementation, deployment and management costs. An initiative from Intel®, OPS is a new technology concept that emerged about a year ago.


From movie theaters to ice cream shops, the use of digital signage is becoming more prevalent. We have seen movie theaters do a great job of using digital menu boards to advertise and upsell product offerings to consumers by bundling and upsizing purchases – popcorn, soft drinks, and snacks, even frequent movie goers mileage plus programs. The upsell is one of the most important tactics retailers can benefit from, however without signage implementations, they often rely solely on employees to do the job. Digital signage automates the process and ensures your message and products are being dynamically presented, while delivering an exciting, color-rich, positive visual experience for your customers. Teamed with the advertising of companion products, retailers can more readily effect a buyer’s emotion – which is key to increasing sales at the register.


Various retail associations have reported that digital signage increases sales by an average of 10-33 percent. This is because digital signage is known to elongate the time customers spend in the store, as it draws in the customers while decrease their perceived waiting time by about 33 percent. When about 70% of shoppers in retail locations without signage walk out of the store without purchasing anything, these interactive displays have the potential to recapture these lost opportunities.


Mastering the art of upselling at checkout can be nearly effortless if you are utilizing signage displays effectively. Digital signboards keep the checkout counter neat and clutter free while keeping the message close to the customer. For instance, a digital display used at the cosmetic counter or at the high end department store can trigger an emotional buy by playing a video showing movie stars using their complete line of products in a movie premier or on the red carpet. This triggers an


emotional attachment towards the companion products being shown which encourages them to buy the whole set to make their purchase psychologically more complete.


How has digital signage helped your business? What are your experiences with POP? Share with us here on the blog.


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We’ve been “going green” in several aspects of our lives, from what type of cleaning products we use, to energy conservation by turning out the lights and monitoring our air conditioning and heating use.  We’re aware that LED screens are the greener alternative to LCD. However, this discussion has not fully transitioned to include displays in a commercial environment. Did you know that digital signage serve as a green alternative to printed signs?


With the recent advancements in digital display technology, it’s worth examining how employing green strategies within digital signage can help the planet, while serving as a savvy decision for your business.


Compared to disposable or recyclable printed signs, digital signage can be greener. Digital messaging can be updated in minutes with easy-to-use software, eliminating the need to print new signs as messaging necessities change. This saves paper, plastic and eliminates the need for inks and chemical coatings required for printing. It also keeps discarded signs out of landfills. Digital signage can also be less expensive than printed signage over the life of the display versus all of those signs that would be printed during this same time span. Paired with having the ability to upload new content quickly and easily in the format of a sleek display, signage is actually a green alternative that can save you green in the long run.


Making the switch to digital displays over traditional print boards can be environmentally friendly in many ways. However, the manufacturing, shipping, electricity and disposal of devices do leave footprints. To minimize the environmental impact of digital signage solutions, look for Energy Star® certifications. Extend the life of your signage solutions and minimize the impact of technology disposal, by choosing longer-life, mercury-free LED backlighting options. You can also minimize energy usage by limiting sign use to store hours and selecting signage solutions that feature embedded computers versus stand alone media players. And when it’s time to upgrade, donate old displays to charity – it not only helps worthy organizations but it also keeps panels in use and out of landfills.


Have questions about green digital signage techniques? Ask us here. We’re happy to help!


Corporate names and trademarks stated herein are the property of their respective companies. Copyright© 2012 ViewSonic Corporation. All rights reserved.

Do you know the difference between a consumer and a professional TV? They’re both just big displays right? Wrong. When it comes to business displays, there’s actually quite a difference to the extensive control features offered. For instance, these new models feature USB cloning making it easy to manage internal programming and content duplication. It’s these features that make professional monitor with HDTV compatibility products ideal for public areas requiring automated controls such as restaurants, sports bars, business lobbies and hospitality environments.


Giving our customers a set of commercial solutions at competitive consumer price points, we are pleased to announce our brand new Professional HD Display Series of business TVs. Ranging in size from 19”- 65”, our new commercial TVs pair the latest in “edge white” LED panel technology with advanced control functionalities, including user programmability, automated control, duplication and custom calibration.


These VESA mount compatible professional HDTVs deliver brilliant image clarity and high contrast with saturated colors, in addition to versatile connectivity options to help you run your business (including DVI compatible HDMI input, PC, traditional RCA composite and YPbPr component video connectors). Across our larger 27”-65” models, we also have integrated further automated control programmability features like RS232 and IR inputs, as well as front panel lockout, volume limitation, active inputs on power up and programmable channel range.


To learn more about these new professional HDTVs, check out today’s Press Release here. Have questions about what features you need for your specific business display needs? Ask us here on the blog.

Does your company know how to walk the fine line between engaging and overwhelming signage?


Interactivity and content were two large themes that came out of this year’s Digital Signage Expo (DSE) tradeshow. We’re seeing this conversation continued within signage conventions and events, such as the recent Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW) show. Digital Signage Today offers an excellent summary of a pertinent panel session that was presented at this event titled, "How to Avoid Your Digital Signage Content Becoming Visual Spam."


Recent advancements in display technologies have made their mark on the television viewing experience. It’s hard to believe just how far we’ve come since only a few decades ago during the times of black and white TV. Over the years, TV sets have become larger in size, while becoming slimmer and sleeker in profile and overall appearance. Paired with display advancements such as a Full HD picture, “smart” Internet connections and LED backlighting, TV has never been more exciting – for both commercial applications, such as the hospitality industry and sports bars, as well as home entertainment.

ViewSonic Summarizes Key Technologies and Themes Seen at DSE

ViewSonic Commands Commercial Display Category at DSE

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