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Ed Tech 2020


Whether you are in the classroom, teaching from home, or reaching your students via a combination of both, ViewSonic® myViewBoard Classroom allows you to create engaging lessons for wherever your students may be.

myViewBoard Classroom is a hybrid teaching software tool packed with a variety of features to help create a classroom environment in the digital space.

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Ed Tech 2020



myViewBoard Classroom
  • Digital whiteboard: Students can interact with the teacher on the whiteboard without physically being in the classroom.
  • Teach and learn anywhere, anytime: Teachers and students can sign in from any computer with no software installation needed. Lessons can be recorded for later viewing.
  • Leverage existing content: Compatible with favorite education resources and browsers, myViewBoard Classroom allows teachers to import their lessons in PDF and Google Slides. Students can also respond and solve problems on the digital whiteboard within myViewBoard Classroom.
  • Interactive engagement: Built-in one-way video streaming allows students to see teachers; but to protect their privacy, students are not shown on camera to the rest of the class. Audio conferencing and live chat also help maximize student engagement.
  • Classroom management: Teachers can control, manage, and moderate the classroom by giving permissions to students with a virtual “raised hand” to speak or write.
  • Safe learning space: Built-in secure authentication with Google and Microsoft single sign-on, ensuring that remote lessons are only attended by those with permission to do so.


Digital Whiteboarding Tools

Hassle-free lesson delivery with quick annotations on class materials.

Video Streaming

Easy video sharing with low Internet loading.

Screen Recording

Record an entire whiteboarding experience, including annotations and sound, for easy sharing of lessons.

Audio Conferencing

Facilitate discussions through audio to increase student engagement.

Live Chat

Improve student/instructor communication with real-time public/group chat.

Raise Hand Feature

Students can get teacher’s attention and permission to participate with a virtual “raised hand.”

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