How to upgrade firmware on EP5520/EP5520T?

1. Format your USB flash drive into FAT32.

2. Copy the “MstarUpgrade.bin” file to the root of the USB drive.

3. Insert the USB drive into the USB port.

4. Turn on the display. After booting, it will show "No Signal".

    Then press "MENU-->9-->9-->1" on the remote control by sequence. The Design Menu will show up. 

5. Then select the "Upgrade Main" item and press the ENTER. It will popup the dialog, and select the "confirm".

6. It’ll finish upgrading when the screen restarts by itself.

NOTE: Pay attention NOT to POWER OFF while F/W is under upgrading. Or it will damage the main board permanently.

Download link of EP5520 F/W file

Download link of EP5520T F/W file

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