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ViewSonic Envision

Re-entering the workplace presents a unique journey for each company. Let ViewSonic guide you along the way. As a leader in developing strategies that empower teams, deliver immersive virtual experiences and create strong corporate cultures, ViewSonic offers industry knowledge and expertise to help you create your individual re-entry plan. With the ViewSonic® Envision plan, we’ll consult with your team, work with your preferred integrators, and craft a custom-tailored solution that is right for your needs and budget.

What We Offer

With our own firsthand experience successfully implementing an at-home workforce and then transitioning to a new hybrid work model, we understand what it takes to ease that transition while maintaining high productivity. Whether your employees are working at home, in the office or a combination of both, we offer a complete array of collaboration tools that support video-based communications, interactivity and real-time content creation and delivery.

Docking Monitors

Ideal for hot desking and hoteling stations

  • Single-cable USB-C power delivery of up to 90W to safely and quickly recharge compatible devices
  • Integrated RJ45 Ethernet and USB-hub eliminate the need for expensive docking stations
  • Daisy chain a second monitor via DisplayPort-out for more screen real estate and improved productivity

Portable Monitors

Ideal for taking your work on-the-go, whether it is in your home office, work building, or anywhere in between

  • Compact and lightweight monitors can easily be taken from room-to-room or on the road
  • 15.6” screens with non-touch and touchscreen options
  • USB-C ports deliver audio, video, and charging * over a single cable
Dual USB Type-C ports deliver audio, and video over a single cable. What's more, these USB Type-C ports also deliver two-way power: a connected laptop can power the monitor, or the monitor can power a connected laptop via USB-C power bank or AC adapter and outlet.

Webcam Monitors

Ideal for clear communication from any location

  • Integrated Full HD webcam, microphone and speakers ideal for remote
  • Camera features 5-degree tilt for easy adjustability, while a physical shutter slides over the camera lens to ensure privacy
  • Full ergonomic stand for comfort and productivity

ViewBoard® Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Ideal for collaboration at the office and communicating with remote workers

  • Responsive 4K Ultra HD touchscreens up to 98” in size ideal for interactive whiteboarding and brainstorming
  • Integrated myViewBoard™ screencasting delivers easy content sharing
  • Remote users can share screens and engage in real time

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