For Greener Tomorrows

ViewSonic believes in responsible recycling.  At end of a product life, electronic products must be disposed in accordance with local laws and requirements.  Please contact ViewSonic or your local authorities for detailed information on how to recycle properly.  We have provided some informative links below to help you properly recycle your electronic products according to your state's laws and requirements.

For more information on ViewSonic's Go Green initiative, please visit our Environmental Policy Statement.

Arkansas: Electronics Reuse and Recycling


California: Electronic Waste Management

CA Electronic Waste Recycling Fee Rate (7th item on the list)


Connecticut: Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Recycling


Hawaii: Electronic Device and Television Recycling Law


Illinois: Waste Management


Indiana: Electronic Waste


Maine: Electronic Recycling


Maryland: Electronics Recycling (eCycling)


Massachusetts: Electronics Recycling


Michigan: Michigan DEQ Recycling Directory


Minnesota: Electronic waste and recycling


Missouri: E-cycle Missouri


New Hampshire: Hazardous Waste Management Bureau


New Jersey: E-Cycle New Jersey


New York: Electronic Waste Recycling

Registered Electronic Waste Recycling Facilities


North Carolina: Consumers Electronics Recycling Info


Oklahoma: Computer Equipment Recycling


Oregon: Oregon E-Cycles

Find a Collector


Pennsylvania: Electronics Recycling Management Program

Collection Programs


Rhode Island: Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

Electronics Donation and Recycling


Texas: Electronics Recycling

Electronic Recycler Locator


South Carolina: Electronic (E-Cycling)

Retailer/Manufacturer Recycling Programs


Utah: Recycling Electronics Responsibly

Local Recyclers


Vermont: Electronic Recycling Program

Recycling Facilities


Virginia: Computer and Electronics Recycling

Recycling Efforts

ViewSonic recovered 0 pounds of electronics from Virginia in 2017


Washington: E-Waste Management

Recycle Database


West Virginia: E-Waste Management

Consumer Information


Wisconsin: Electronics Recycling

Collection Sites Info