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Environmental Policy Statement

Recycling Instructions

Recycle Program

ViewSonic is committed to promoting a greener and cleaner environment in which electronic products should be retired and recycled responsibly. All electronic parts and e-waste collected by our recycling partner(s) will be recycled or reused in a manner that complies with federal, state, and local law. ViewSonic averts waste and does not dispose of covered devices in landfills or transfer covered devices to recycling facilities that dispose of covered devices in landfills. ViewSonic contracts with collectors and recyclers across the US and Canada that comply with all local, state, and federal regulations, utilizing e-Steward, R2/RIOS, and ISO standards in the recyclers’ operations. ViewSonic ensures we only engage with collectors and recyclers that are in good standing that does not violates laws when importing or exporting environmentally sensitive materials throughout final disposition.

ViewSonic offers convenient ways to handle your recycling needs to protect our environment in support of our ISO 14001:2015 EMS. ViewSonic provides a Mail Back Program across the US and Canada to recycle covered electronic devices. The Mail Back Program provides an effective way to retire old electronic equipment by way of recycling processes that meet the high environmental standards of the participating states.

ISO Certificates

Recyclable Products and Packaging

ViewSonic products and packaging are largely recyclable. Circuit boards, metal, and plastic from product units can be dismantled and recycled by our recycling partner(s) in the United States and Canada according to Federal, State, and local authority guidelines. Cardboard, printed guides (paper), CDs, and plastic bags from our packaging can also be recycled, as well as some foam materials.  For EPEAT certified displays, wood-based fiber packaging contains a minimum of 35% recycled content by total weight of wood-based fiber.

EPS Foams - Expanded Polystyrene Foams

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is a lightweight, rigid, closed-cell insulation used as part of our packaging to firmly support our products during transit. Besides retired electronics, cardboard materials, and plastic bags, the EPS foams are recyclable too! Each year, more than 50% of all EPS collected was used to make recycled-content packaging. To locate the nearest EPS recycling location in your area, simply call 800-607-3772 or e-mail

ViewSonic Mail Back Program

ViewSonic supports governing laws of all participating states for proper recycling, reuse, and refurbishment of retired electronics and a ban on certain types of electronic waste in landfills. We have implemented a Mail Back program in the United States and Canada to recycle Covered Electronic Devices (CEDs)*. For a comprehensive resource of all participating states and their legislation and local state recycling information, please click here.

ViewSonic is also proud to support a no-charge Mail Back program. We partner with multi-faceted recycling and asset management companies to properly manage end-of-life unwanted electronic devices. We have thousands of locations throughout the United States and Canada to support your recycling need. To learn more about our Mail Back program or request a prepaid shipping label, please click here. A free label will be provided via email.

If you wish to send your unwanted electronic devices to ViewSonic directly, our mailing address is 14035 Pipeline Avenue, Chino, CA 91710. Be sure to mark your package “Attn: Recycling Program”

We welcome your feedback and comments.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact ViewSonic at (800) 688-6688 or email us at Thank you for your interest and support to keep our environment clean and green!

Product End-of-Life Recycling Instructions

The document is intended for use by recyclers to facilitate end-of-life treatment. It provides disassembly instructions to remove the special handling materials, as defined by EU directive 2012/19/EU, WEEE.

Please find Product EOL Disassembly Instructions

Requirement communications are via

Recyclers shall take the necessary measures to ensure that waste is disposed of, without endangering human health and harming the environment, in particular:

  • Without risk to water, air, soil and plants, and animals,
  • Without causing a nuisance through noise or odors,
  • Without adversely affecting the countryside or places of special interest.

For Greener Tomorrows

ViewSonic believes in responsible recycling. At end of a product life, electronic products must be disposed in accordance with local laws and requirements. Please contact ViewSonic or your local authorities for detailed information on how to recycle properly. We have provided some informative links below to help you properly recycle your electronic products according to your state's laws and requirements.

For more information on ViewSonic's Go Green initiative, please visit our Environmental Policy Statement.

CA Electronic Waste Recycling Fee Rate


New Jersey Consumers: ViewSonic has partnered with ERI to provide free and environmentally sound recycling for ViewSonic products in New Jersey in compliance with the Electronic Waste Management Act. For New Jersey Consumers who are not physically able to travel to a collection site without assistance and/or not physically able to lift and move heavy (50 pounds in weight or heavier) or unwieldy covered electronic devices, ViewSonic provides pick up service at no cost. Please call us at (800) 572-5300 or email at For help finding a recycling location closes to you please go to: Please note in certain instances our recycling locations may not able to accept materials from all Covered Entities (such as school districts, State entities, or local government units). In that case, please call us at (800) 572-5300 or email at to arrange direct service

Registered Electronic Waste Recycling Facilities

Find a Collector

Collection Programs

Electronics Donation and Recycling

Electronic Recycler Locator

Retailer/Manufacturer Recycling Programs

Local Recyclers

Recycling Facilities

Recycling Efforts: ViewSonic recovered 23 pounds of electronics from Virginia in 2023.

Consumer Information

Collection Sites Info


Environmental Policy Statement

Responsible corporate citizenship today means taking responsibility for future generations. When it comes to green computing, ViewSonic leads by example. That’s why we were the first display manufacturer to offer a full line of eco-friendly LED displays. We are committed to sustainability, not just for our business but also for our global environment. That commitment is reflected in our industry leadership promoting eco-friendly business practices and product development. We employ environmentally responsible manufacturing and build energy-saving features into all of our products. As a result, we are certified and compliant with all major environmental standards.

The keys to our success have always included:

  • Continual improvement of our processes by monitoring technology and management practices to prevent pollution during the manufacture, storage, service, transportation, and disposal of our products throughout their life cycle
  • Compliance with relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and with other regulations affecting the design and production of our products as they arise
  • Establishing and reviewing environmental objectives, targets, performance evaluation procedures, and associated environmental indicators
  • Minimizing any adverse environmental impacts of new product development through the use of integrated environmental management procedures and planning
  • Encouraging the selection and use of environmentally qualified Suppliers and Vendors
  • Documenting and maintaining this policy as changes to environmental regulations occur
  • Training our employee-partners to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Communicating this policy to all employee-partners, business associates, and interested parties in the public sector

These guiding principles summarized as “Recycle Solid Waste and Conserve Natural Resources,” set our goals for environmental responsibility and the performance required by all our organizations. To ensure success, the Director of Customer Care, Compliance & Supply Chain Management has the executive responsibility and authority to oversee and implement this policy at all ViewSonic owned facilities in the North American region.

James Chu
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
ViewSonic Corporation

Save Energy, Save money

ViewSonic helps you save energy and money while helping the environment.

ViewSonic builds energy-saving features into all of our products. Here's how you can save energy and money now.

Benefits of Eco-mode


  • Save money with reduced power consumption.
  • Save resources with a smaller carbon footprint.


  • User-selectable Eco-mode provides 28% power savings over standard mode
  • Choosing Eco-mode can extend LCD monitor life up to 1.5 times


  • Using Eco-mode can extend lamp life up to 2 times more than normal mode
  • 354,000 Metric Tons
  • Using Eco-mode we estimate ViewSonic customers will save 354,000 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere in 2009- That's equivalent to 1.5% of the 2004 global footprint.


They use up to 60% less electricity than standard models.

  • ViewSonic offers some of the lowest power usage monitors on the market
  • These monitors use up to 60% less electricity than standard models
  • Save up to $20 per year on energy costs per monitor. Calculate your savings today.
  • The latest VX and VG models use LED lighting to reduce power consumption and hazardous materials in our landfills.


  • All ViewSonic projectors have energy-saving features like Eco-mode to extend lamp life and lower energy consumption
  • All ViewSonic DLP® projectors are RoHS compliant.


  • All our digital signage products are RoHS compliant
  • All ViewSonic digital signage products use LCD technology which uses up to 40% less energy than plasma displays


Green Energy. We use 17% green energy to power our corporate headquarters. This includes:

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Biomass
  • Small hydropower
  • Geothermal


  • Motion-activated lighting
  • Zone-controlled heating and cooling



EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) is a definitive global rating system for greener electronics. EPEAT helps purchasers in the public and private sectors evaluate, compare and select electronic devices (such as desktop computers, notebooks, and monitors) based on environmental attributes. EPEAT provides a clear and consistent set of performance criteria for the design of products and provides manufacturers the opportunity to secure market recognition for efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their products.


TCO Certified



TCO Certified is the world-leading sustainability certification for IT products in offices and data centers. Comprehensive criteria drive social and environmental sustainability throughout the IT product life cycle. It is a third-party certification independent of the IT industry and buyers. TCO Certified meets the requirements of ISO 14024 Ecolabel Type 1 and has been GENICES assessed and approved by the Global Ecolabelling Network. The TCO Certified verification process includes ensuring that corrective actions are implemented in all cases of factory non-conformities. Factory conditions must be safe and adhere to an established code of conduct, including working hours, wages, fair labor practices, worker health and safety, and more. View all

ViewSonic products registered with TCO CLICK HERE

For more information on TCO, visit the TCO website at

Be Responsible

ViewSonic respects the environment and encourages green living.

The increasing volume of garbage in our landfills is a worldwide problem. ViewSonic Corporation is committed with maximum effort to be a responsible corporate and community citizen that respects the environment and encourages green living.

As an ISO 14001 certified company, ViewSonic Corporation:

  • Incorporates energy-saving features into our product design.
  • Produces easy-to-disassemble designs for recycling.
  • Each ViewSonic product is made from plastic that can be recycled at the end of its life cycle.
  • Is committed to promoting green living by ensuring that its products do not end in our landfills at the end of their life cycle. ViewSonic has established a recycling program for our customers, to properly manage e-waste by partnering with state-approved local recyclers, where applicable. In addition, ViewSonic provides a 24/7 toll-free number to answer any questions our customers may have about recycling our products. We routinely audit our Authorized Repair Centers to ensure that they continually and properly process all e-waste.
  • Offers a Take-Back Program to our customers, Recycle+ Program to recycle our products and/or remarket old electronics and reuse the basic components to their full usage. ViewSonic only partners with consolidator/recyclers that will not dispose of covered devices and recyclable packaging materials in our landfills but properly dispose of e-waste in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Since 2000, ViewSonic has diverted 12,838,448 pounds of waste from landfills, including non-electronic items.
  • ViewSonic is dedicated to creating high-quality technology products that can be repaired and maintained throughout their lifecycle. Our products are designed with modular components that can be easily replaced, and we provide repair guides and documentation to make it easier for consumers to fix their devices. The spare parts are available 5 years after the end of production. Please submit ticket here for more spare part acquisition information.

ViewSonic encourages you to recycle your product using the Recycle+ Program

ViewSonic is dedicated to the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of harmful greenhouse gases. Please find our Environmental Performance Report, Base Year GHG Inventory Report, our 2023 Product Transport GHG Disclosure Statement, Product Life Cycle Assessment and Energy Management System for Suppliers.

Please find our 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report and our annual supplier CSR performance report here.

Our suppliers must meet the standards of ethics, social responsibility, and environmental protection defined in our Supplier Social Responsibility and Ethics Agreement. Our suppliers must adhere not only to our rigorous guidelines on product quality but also uphold the standards here.

Responsibile Minerals Sourcing Policy

Policy for High-Risk Minerals

Where minerals such as tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold (3TG), and cobalt are mined in conflict-affected or high-risk areas such as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries, the revenue from the mining and trading of these minerals is a source of funding for armed groups and anti-government forces carrying out atrocities and human rights abuses. Minerals sourced from such conflict-affected or high-risk areas have the potential to promote conflict, human rights violations, and environmental degradation.

ViewSonic considers mining to be an intensive process involving social and environmental risks. ViewSonic believes that the mining of metals and minerals, including Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum, Gold (so-called conflict minerals) and Cobalt mined in the DRC, as well as other minerals mined in other regions, must be managed.

ViewSonic’s policy is that we want no part in any human rights violations or environmental destruction. While sourcing minerals that originate in conflict-affected or high-risk areas, we will not, by any means, tolerate, knowingly profit from, contribute to, assist with or facilitate the commission by any party of any form of human rights violations or abuses, or support operations that result in the degradation of socioeconomic and environmental stability.

As a member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (“RMI”), we require suppliers to adhere to this policy and expect them to support and promote compliance within the supply chain.

ViewSonic takes the following actions to responsibly source minerals used in ViewSonic Monitor products.


1. Notify suppliers of the responsible minerals sourcing policy and code of conduct (harmonized with the RBA code of conduct). SREA

2. Identify and prioritize minerals for inclusion in our responsible sourcing strategy (currently Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum, Gold, and Cobalt for our supply chains

3. Require suppliers to conduct due diligence on prioritized minerals in accordance with OECD Guidance and provide routine reporting using the tools developed by the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) to enable supply chain transparency

4. Ensure that minerals are procured only from smelters and refiners verified as compliant with the Responsible Minerals Assurance Program (RMAP) developed by the RMI. ViewSonic requires smelters and refiners to obtain proof of compliance through their supply chains.

5. Continue to collect relevant information regarding industry trends, customer reactions, and movements in the US, EU, and other regions to assure continued compliance to future regulations.

Please find our Responsible Minerals Report.