Solid State
Reliable performance.
Vastly more reliable than traditional moving hard drives, state-of-the-art solid state design delivers the reliability you need for secure content storage and smooth, consistent playback.
Indispensable space.
Easier content loading. Secure data. Reliable playback. Ample internal storage makes for all-around more effective signage solutions. That’s why our players come loaded with it for hours upon hours of smooth, high-definition multimedia content delivery.
HD Video
Defined detail.
Crisp, clear, multimedia messaging – who would want it any other way? We make sure you’ve got it with support for Full HD 1080p decoding and HDMI output – for perfect HD video display on large format displays.
Content Management
Design & daypart.
Create, update, schedule and manage with creativity and ease. Design messages and get them to the right audience at the right time with remote LAN support – for updates and scheduling from afar with any Windows PC or laptop.
X86 and ARM
Power and performance.
Choose your best-fit processing power. Support Windows-compatible software and integrated advertising and analytics with X86. Purpose-built for signage solutions, the newest ARM-based players offer the best value in video and graphics delivery.