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Key Features
  • Allows WMK-073, WMK-074, and WMK-075 video wall carts to handle display sizes up to 60" with 800 mm wide mounting patterns
  • Easy to add on to any WMK-073 (2x2), WMK-074 (3x2), WMK-075 (3x3) video wall carts
Product Description
When used in conjunction with ViewSonic® mobile video wall carts (WMK-073, WMK-074, WMK-075), the WMK-076 add-on extension brackets can support larger screens ranging in sizes between 55” and 60”. The WMK-076 includes a package of 2 brackets that are compatible with 2 rows of displays. Please order a quantity of 1 unit per row of displays.
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  • Weight (imperial):
    Gross (lbs):16.0
  • Weight (metric):
    Gross (kg):7.3
  • Accessories:
    WMK-073, WMK-074, WMK-075