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Key Features
  • Durable 100” 16:9 projector screen; matt white screen surface.
  • Universal mounting bracket with endcap
  • Unique self-lock design
Product Description
100" Projection Screen(1300 x2270mm) Viewable Size 1240 x2210mm Matt White 16:9 Wall Mount Type, White
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  • call: 888.881.8781
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  • Connection Mode:
    Wireless Connectivity:N/A
  • Accessories:
    LS600W, LS600W-S, LS625W, LS625W-S, LS625X, LS625X-S, LS700-4K, LS700-4K-S, LS700HD, LS700HD-S, LS750WU, LS800HD, LS800HD-S, LS800WU, LS800WU-S, LS831WU, LS831WU-S, LS850WU, LS850WU-S, LS860WU, LS860WU-S, LS900WU, LS900WU-S, M1-2, M1-2-S, M1MINI, M1MINI-S, M1MINIPLUS, M1MINIPLUS-S, M2, M2-S, M2E-S, M2e, PA502S, PA502S-S, PA505W, PA505W-S, PG603W, PG603W-S, PG603X, PG603X-S, PG700WU, PG701WU, PG703W, PG703W-S, PG703X, PG703X-S, PG705HD, PG705HD-S, PG705WU, PG705WU-S, PG706HD, PG706HD-S, PG706WU, PG706WU-S, PG707W, PG707W-S, PG707X, PG707X-S, PG800HD, PG800HD-S, PG800W, PG800W-S, PJD7720HD, PJD7720HD-S, PS501W, PS501W-S, PS501X, PS501X-S, PS600W, PS600W-S, PS600X, PS600X-S, PS700W, PS700W-S, PS700X, PX700HD, PX700HD-S, PX701-4K, PX701-4K-S, PX701HD, PX701HD-S, PX701HDH, PX701HDH-S, PX703HD, PX703HD-S, PX703HDH, PX703HDH-S, PX706HD, PX706HD-S, PX725HD, PX725HD-S, PX727-4K, PX727-4K-S, PX727HD, PX727HD-S, PX747-4K, PX747-4K-S, PX748-4K, PX748-4K-S, X10-4K, X10-4K-S, X10-4KE, X10-4KE-S, X100-4K, X100-4K-S