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Key Features
  • Spring loaded for durability and effortless movement
  • Quick release design
  • VESA compatible mount
  • Cable management design
  • Green biodegradable packaging
Product Description
Need more real estate on your desktop? With the ViewSonic LCD-MA-001 Spring-loaded Monitor Mounting Arm, you can position your monitor where you want. With standard VESA-compatible mounting points, the LCD-MA-001 can accommodate ultra-wide monitors 32” in size or larger (up to 10kg/22lbs), lifting them up and off your desktop to free up workspace and boost productivity. The spring-loaded design delivers fully articulating tension adjustment for effortless movement – allowing you to tilt, pan, swivel, pivot, and lift your monitor for customized comfort. What's more, an integrated cable management design minimizes cable clutter without interfering with ergonomic functionality.
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  • Connection Mode:
    Wireless Connectivity:N/A
  • Weight (imperial):
    Net (lbs):6.8
    Gross (lbs):8.6
  • Accessories:
    VA2247-MH, VA2247-MH-S, VG3456, VG3456-S, VP3256-4K, VP3481, VP3481A-S, VP3481a, VP3881, VP3881A-S, VP3881a, VS2247-MH, VS2247-MH-S, VX3418-2KPC, VX3418-2KPC-S, XG2431, XG2431-S, XG320Q, XG320Q-S, XG320U, XG320U-S, XG340C-2K