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DPF8-CAM Bundle
Product Description

Keep Your Memories Alive
ViewSonic ’s DPF8-CAM is perfect for showing off old photo prints. Simply convert and store your images in a digital format. In one step, the built-in 5 megapixel camera takes a digital copy of your traditional photo print, then automatically uploads it into the stylish frame. Intuitive commands make it easy to customize the show with slideshow options and special transition effects. Crisp images rotate through the 8” high resolution 800x600 screen. USB port allows you to add in photos from other digital sources. Now you can preserve your memories and entertain your family and friends with a photo show, anytime.

Preserve and digitize you precious photos
Simply use the 5 mega-pixel on board camera to convert traditional prints into digital files

You Direct the Show
Slideshow feature lets you add transition effects and vary display speeds

Mega Compatible
Supports JPEG photo format and USB flash drive for easy upload of all your digital photos

Stores More to Share
128MB of internal memory with support of SD/MMC/MS Pro for up to 32GB external memory

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