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Key Features
  • Mobile trolley cart for commercial displays
  • Includes storage tray and mounting bracket
  • ADA Compliant
VB-STND-001 Front
Product Description
Featuring a convenient storage tray and an included mounting bracket, the VB-STND-001 is a mobile trolley cart ideal for ViewSonic commercial displays, and ViewBoard interactive flat panel displays. This product is ADA compliant.
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  • Dimensions (imperial) (WxHxD):
    Packaging (in.):59.8 x 25.6 x 3.9
    Physical (in.):51.2 x 63.4 x 25.6
  • Dimensions (metric) (WxHxD):
    Packaging (mm):1520.0 x 650.0 x 100.0
    Physical (mm):1300.0 x 1610.0 x 650.0
  • Weight (imperial):
    Net (lbs):96.0
    Gross (lbs):116.0
  • General:
    Warranty: One-year limited warranty
    Regulations: ADA Compliant
    UPC: 766907947618
  • Accessories:
    CDE5010, CDE5510, CDE5561T, CDE6510, CDE6510-S, CDE6561T, CDE7061T, CDE7500, CDE8600, CDE9800, CDP9800, IFP550-3, IFP5550-2, IFP5550-2018, IFP5550-E1, IFP6550-2, IFP6550-2-S, IFP6550-2018, IFP6550-E1, IFP6550-S, IFP6560, IFP6560-S, IFP6570, IFP7550-2, IFP7550-2-S, IFP7550-2018, IFP7550-E1, IFP7560, IFP8650-2, IFP8650-2018, IFP8650-S, IFP8670, IFP9850-2019, IFP9850-E1