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Key Features
  • Wall mount with motorized height adjustment
  • Fast, quiet motor
  • Built-in cable management box
  • VESA-compatible 600x400
Product Description
The e-Box® wall mount with motorized height adjustment securely accommodates ViewSonic interactive flat panel displays up to 265 lbs. A durable double-column design provides reliable, safe, and secure mounting, while a wired remote control delivers easy height adjustment for the display. A universal VESA bracket is included, up to 800x800. (BalanceBox p/n: 487A02005)
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  • Mount:
    VESA Compatible:up to 800 x 400 mm
    Weight Capacity:265 lbs
  • Connection Mode:
    Wireless Connectivity:N/A
  • Dimensions (imperial) (WxHxD):
    Packaging (in.):29.7 x 22.2 x 8.9
    Physical (in.):9.9 x 26.8 x 46.0
  • Weight (imperial):
    Net (lbs):77.2
    Gross (lbs):92.6
  • Ergonomics:
    Adjustable Distance:870 mm / 34.25 in
    Motor Speed:1.5 in/second
  • Accessories:
    IFP4320, IFP4320-S, IFP5550-2, IFP5550-E1, IFP5550-E2, IFP5550-E4, IFP6532, IFP6550-2, IFP6550-E1, IFP6550-E2, IFP6550-E4, IFP6552, IFP6552-1C, IFP6552-1C-E1, IFP6560, IFP6560-S, IFP6570, IFP6570-S, IFP7532, IFP7550-2, IFP7550-2-S, IFP7550-3, IFP7550-E1, IFP7550-E2, IFP7550-E4, IFP7552, IFP7552-1C, IFP7552-1C-E1, IFP7560, IFP8632, IFP8650-2, IFP8650-E1, IFP8650-E2, IFP8650-E4, IFP8652, IFP8652-1C, IFP8652-1C-E1, IFP8670, IFP8670-S, IFP9850-2019, IFP9850-4 , IFP9850-E1, IFP9850-E2, IFP9850-E4, VB-EBV-002