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Key Features
  • Floor mount
  • Smooth, effortless adjustments with spring tension technology
  • No electricity required
Product Description
BalanceBox 400-40 Floor Mount for 55" or 50.7-94.7lbs (400-40 + VESA + Floor Support), Balancebox p/n: 480A13+481A70+481A42, 15.75" height adjustable distance. For more information and downloads, please refer to Balancebox's website
Contact Sales
  • call: 888.881.8781
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  • Dimensions (imperial) (WxHxD):
    Packaging (in.):25.6 x 79.2 x 3.2
    Physical (in.):24.4 x 41.0 x 4.9
  • Weight (imperial):
    Net (lbs):85.9
    Gross (lbs):91.8
  • Accessories:
    IFP5550-2, IFP5550-E1, IFP6560, IFP6560-S, IFP6570, IFP7550-2, IFP7550-2-S, IFP7550-3, IFP7550-E1, IFP7560