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Key Features
  • Lockdown Android devices with restricted access to selected applications
  • Display widgets on home screen
  • Display application shortcuts
  • Block user from altering system settings
  • Set passwords for chosen applications
  • Auto launch applications at startup
  • Control access to peripherals (WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Screen Orientation, Airplane mode, Audio, GPS, etc.)
  • Customize home screen (Layout, Application captions, Wallpaper, screensaver etc.)
Product Description
42Gears SureLock delivers easy mobile device lockdown by turning any Android device into a kiosk. SureLock is an Android kiosk app that replaces a device’s default home screen or launcher, and restricts access to only those apps and peripherals that you choose. This helps to prevent unwanted or malicious use of devices and makes mass deployment easy. 42Gears SureLock 12-Month Subscription, 1 device.
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  • Accessories:
    CDE5010, CDE5510, CDE6510, CDE7500, CDE8600, CDM4300R, CDM4300T, CDM4900R, CDM5500R, CDM5500T, IFP5550, IFP6550, IFP7550, IFP8650, NMP520-W, NMP620-P10