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Key Features
  • 12-License Pack
  • Easy scheduling using Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar
  • Supports any number of room displays
  • Includes 60 sample backgrounds, or incorporates custom designs
  • Updates schedules from mobile devices
  • Shows all room schedules on a master lobby or reception room display
  • Supports any font style and size in 16 colors
  • Automatically updates from every minute, to every 4 hours
Product Description
ReserveIt! is the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to deploy schedules and agendas for meeting rooms. With ReserveIt! you simply update your MS Outlook calendar and let the display* outside each meeting room reserve your meetings! Link JPG images to any schedule item and they will display along with the agenda. Perfect for guest welcomes, and other messages! NOTE: *Compatible with ViewSonic ePoster EP1031r. Download
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    EP1031R, EP1031R-S, EP1042T, EP1042T-S