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Key Features
  • Virtual Training
  • Customized Lessons
  • Compatible with Multiple Operating Systems
Product Description
ViewSonic Professional Development Webinars help educators optimize their ViewBoard display and myViewBoard software. Hosted by a ViewSonic Authorized Trainer, this series of four 1-hour long sessions are custom tailored to each school’s unique needs. We will demonstrate the key features and workflows of your ViewBoard interactive flat panel display and myViewBoard software. Each webinar is task-based with the objective to provide educators the resources to be implemented on their own time in their own classrooms. A discovery call is conducted prior to the webinar to better understand classroom goals, and to establish topics to be addressed in the webinars. Webinars must be completed within the school year. For more in-depth learning, ViewSonic also offers 1-day and 2-day on-site training sessions.
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