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Key Features
24" LCD Extended Warranty for 4th and 5th Year
Product Description
24" LCD Extended Warranty for 4th and 5th Year
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  • Extended Warranty:
    Product Line:Monitor
    Duration:2 Years
    Warranty Type:Extended Warranty
    Coverage:Post Warranty
  • Accessories:
    VA2406M-LED, VA2406m-LED-S, VA2419-smh, VA2431WM, VA2446M-LED, VA2446mh-LED, VA2448M-LED, VA2448M-LED-S, VA2451M-LED, VA2451M-LED-S, VA2451M-TAA, VA2451M-TAA-S, VA2452Sm, VA2452Sm_H2, VA2456-mhd, VA2459-smh, VA2465Smh, VG2428WM, VG2428WM-LED, VG2428WM-S, VG2428wm-LED-S, VG2436WM-LED, VG2436wm-LED-S, VG2437MC-LED, VG2437Smc, VG2437mc-LED-S, VG2438Sm, VG2439M-LED, VG2439M-TAA, VG2439M-TAA_NFS, VG2439Smh, VG2439m-LED-S, VG2439m-TAA-S, VG2449, VG2449_H2, VG2453, VG2453_H2, VP2468, VP2468_H2, VX2450WM-LED, VX2450WM-LED-S, VX2452MH, VX2457-mhd, VX2460H-LED, VX2460h-LED-S, VX2476-smhd, VX2478-smhd, XG2402, XG2530, XG2560