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  • Future-Proof
  • Fail-Safe
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Access Control
  • Limitless Resolution
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Product Overview

Hiperwall specializes in software for highly interactive video walls. From control rooms to research centers, organizations around the world use Hiperwall Software for their critical collaborative visualization needs. Designed to facilitate critical decision making, this flexible software is perfect for any interactive video wall from the smallest to the most complex. We provide software applications that manage the input, control and output of a video wall system. We also provide a powerful solution for sharing and collaboration among systems. The Hiperwall HiperView HD License shows source content on a single display device (up to Full HD resolution).
Future-Proof, Hardware AgnosticFuture-Proof, Hardware Agnostic


Because Hiperwall software is hardware agnostic, you don't have to worry that the next technology will make your system obsolete. Your current Hiperwall software or an upgraded version will work with whatever comes your way, whether it's new display technology, the next generation of video resolution, or just the need for a bigger video wall.

Fail-Safe, Two Control PointsFail-Safe, Two Control Points


With two control points simultaneously working together, you stay protected. If one controller goes down for any reason, the other seamlessly takes over. Zero down time, and zero loss of productivity, visibility, or money. This is fault tolerance you can't afford to pass up.

Budget-Friendly, Easy InstallationBudget-Friendly, Easy Installation


You don't need to buy expensive proprietary hardware. Hiperwall software will work with any of today's standard displays and PC systems. You can start small and expand your installation later. Simply buy off-the-shelf hardware and Hiperwall licenses. Network architecture makes it easy to install, so you save time, too.

Access Control, Powerful User-AuthenticationAccess Control, Powerful User-Authentication

Access Control

Administrators can oversee who's accessing the system with a powerful user-authentication tool. Robust user access control, tracking tools, and detailed authorization levels give the admin full control and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Limitless Resolution, 1 Billion PixelsLimitless Resolution, 1 Billion Pixels

Limitless Resolution

See the big picture, in detail, for better decision making and clearer communications. There's no limit to the source resolution you can display, and no limit to the number of screens you can use for high resolution output. View live imagery at exceptionally high resolution. Hiperwall software is the only product that can display high-resolution content, even gigapixel content, at an industry-leading resolution of more than one billion pixels.

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