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  • Simplified Content Creation
  • Supports Common Media Formats
  • Do-It-Yourself Digital Signage
  • Eye-Catching and Informative Widgets
  • Comprehensive Scheduling System
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Product Overview

ViewSonic Digital Signage just became easier and more accessible than ever with DisplayIt!Xpress. This software makes it easy to manage a signage network of any size from a single PC with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Use PowerPoint or other familiar office applications to create new content, then simply drag-and-drop media files to build playlists within seconds. Update content with a single click over wired or wireless networks, shared folders, cloud storage or USB drive. Scheduling options for each playlist item ensure the right message at the right time. Add eye-catching widgets that include date, time, weather and scrolling text with RSS support. Creating, uploading and managing content just became as easy as 1-2-3.
Supports Common Media Formats, Options, Extensive contentSupports Common Media Formats, Options, Extensive content

Supports Common Media Formats

Software support for most common media formats including photos, video, PowerPoint, web pages and more.

Free 30-Day Software TrialFree 30-Day Software Trial

Free 30-Day Software Trial

Download a free 30-day trial of DisplayIt!Xpress software and see how easy it is to develop dynamic messaging. Works with all ViewSonic large format displays including interactive, 4K and free-standing kiosks.

Simplified Content Creation, 1-2-3, Easy to useSimplified Content Creation, 1-2-3, Easy to use

Simplified Content Creation

Get started with three simple steps: 1) Define the signage network. 2) Drag-and-drop content to playlist. 3) Update displays with a single click or automatically.

Do-It-Yourself Digital Signage, Easy messagingDo-It-Yourself Digital Signage, Easy messaging

Do-It-Yourself Digital Signage

Build playlists with existing media or create new content using familiar office applications.

Eye-Catching and Informative Widgets

Instantly add widgets to display current time, date, live weather, and scrolling text with RSS for news feeds and other live data.

Comprehensive Scheduling System

Define unique duration, date and time for each content item. Schedule weeks or months in advance.

Support for Windows and Android

Combine Windows and Android media players on the same signage network. Choose the ideal platform for each display.

A Scalable Solution

With extensive hardware compatibility and support for unlimited number of displays, DisplayIt!Xpress easily expands to meet growing business needs.

Interactive Touch Screen Support

Add a touch screen display to deliver interactive applications.

Centralized and Shared Management

Easy to manage digital signs worldwide from one PC, DisplayIt!Xpress supports unlimited signage administrators in any location.

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