Why can't I adjust the Hue and Sharpness settings on the slot-in PC and HDMI source?

The Hue and Sharpness settings are only adjustable for the Analog source such as AV in /VGA source.

What the max. external HDD capacity can be supported for IFP7550?

IFP7550 USB port 3.0 supports external HDD up to 4TB. Below models had pass the read/write test. WD: WDBUY0040BBK(4TB) SEAGATS: STDR2000301(2TB) TOSHIBA: HDTC810YR3AA(1TB) SONY: HD-E1(1TB)

How can I replace the IFP50 series’ boot up image and animation?

Please find the instructions and requirements in the attached PDF. File URL:https://support.viewsonic.com/helpdesk/attachments/33039346408

How can I remotely control IFP to power on and off(standby)?

You can remotely control IFP with RS232 cable or Lan cable by ViewSonic vController.   <Note> To power on via Lan may work by model wise and needs to set IFP standby mode to sleep. Please check specification and UG if it supports.

What’s the LED backlight life of IFP6550?

The LED backlight life of IFP50 series is 30,000 Hours Min.

How do I wake up my IFP50 series in standby mode?

IFP50 has a feature of “Wake on active source” to wake up from standby mode when there is an external HDMI/VGA signal input.   Supported input sources:   1.IFP50-1/Gen 1 and 50-2/Gen 2/50-2 EP: HDMI and VGA 2.IFP50-3/Gen 3: HDMI.

Is there any recommended RS232 software to control IFP7550 by ASCII command?

You may control IFP7550 by Hercules software. Please have "HEX" checkbox unchecked and key in ASCII command with <CR> at the end.

How to make sound output from external speaker bypass integrated speaker in IFP30/50 series?

Please connect an audio cable from the AUDIO OUT connector on the IFP30/50 to an external amplifier or active speaker with a power adapter.

How can I adjust color temperature on IFP?

Applied model 1. Americas: IFP**50 - Gen 1, IFP**50 - Gen 2, IFP**50 - Gen 3, IFP**70 2. Asia Pacific & Africa: IFP**50, IFP**50-2, IFP**50-3, IFP**30, IFP**70 3. Europe: IFP**50, IFP**50-2EP, IFP**50-3EP, IFP**30, IFP**70     Due to Android limitation, color temperature is only adjustable in other source(HDMI/PC, etc), not in Embd player...

Where can I get more info for suitable slot-in PC with IFP7550?

Please visit product page of IFP7550 in our website and check the section of "RELATED ACCESSORIES" list for details.

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