ViewBoard 2.1 is an annotative whiteboard software which is based on interactive touch operations, designed for education and corporate uses. Featuring various subject templates, the software enables you to write, erase, highlight, edit, notate, draw, and transform documents and images on-screen with convenient and practical tools. Fully integrated, with smart panel interactive multimedia functions, the software also features screen recording, a magnifier, and a spotlight feature which makes classroom learning, office presentations, and distance education more productive, interactive and efficient.

Intuitive Interface and a rich palette of annotation tools

Featuring a user-friendly interface, the ViewBoard 2.1 software lets you write, erase, highlight, edit, notate and draw with practical tools, as well as spotlight, with screen zooming using a screen magnifier. Equipped with advantages, such as a soft pen simulator which imitates a traditional whiteboard, the software increases practicality and convenience while enhancing traditional operation habits.

Support importing Microsoft Office files as well as PDF’s for annotation

With the ability to *support Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel files, in addition to image (*.jpeg, *.gif, *.bmp, etc.) and text (*.txt) files, ViewBoard 2.1 software delivers more efficient and feasible ways for presenters to educate or present. Plus, presenters can still annotate the file instantly with practical tools and save every change.
*With NMP-710 slot PC and Microsoft Office installed.

Instantly switch between ViewBoard 2.1 and other applications

With ViewBoard 2.1’s Desktop Mode, users will effortlessly take screenshots or annotations of their desktops, webpages, or other applications they desire to use, flexibly saving useful and accessible material to boost the amount of rich content that can be gathered for presentations.

Edit Multimedia content for more interesting presentations

The ViewBoard 2.1 software brings educators and presenters better experiences, allowing them to demonstrate and present more vividly by providing multimedia embedded functions, including audio and video objects. Also, users can move, scale, rotate, mirror, reverse, lock, replay, export, and take a screen shot of the objects with a simple click.

Screen Camera function to record every moment

With a built-in Screen Camera feature, the ViewBoard 2.1 software provides a step recording function for users to *record every interaction, even the presenter’s voice, with software that is ideal for long-distance educators or presenters to make their demonstration and production more valuable and easier to share.
*Connect the mic device to the PC mic in or the USB port before using the Screen Camera function.

User-friendly handwriting recognition function

The ViewBoard 2.1 software features user-friendly handwriting recognition functions to conveniently write notes or interact with board graphics. With this benefit, users have an easier and more flexible way to present and communicate their ideas, which exponentially increases productivity of presentations.

Integrated classroom accessories

Varied subject templates are set with different subject scenarios, including English, Math, Chemistry, Physics, etc. Subject templates provide various instruction tools to use, such as setsquare, protractor, compass, formula recognition, and periodic table, which allow educators or presenters to create diverse subject scenes for teaching according to the current need and help educators or presenters convey their concept easier than using traditional whiteboards.



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