Tamashare is the first software that allows group collaboration in any kind of work organisation.

Documents sharing

Tamashare will allow you to instantly share your Office or PDF documents and your images! Don’t worry about the documents size or the quantity of pages in them, Tamashare will automatically convert your documents content and display them in your collaborative work space.

All your employees will instantly see the shared elements as they are displayed on the workspace. Finally, Tamashare does not transfer the files themselves but their visualizations only. That way, you will never have to worry about exchange confidentiality or security.

Tips: You can also share websites elements (images or texts) or a software. A simple copy/paste will be enough to share ideas and designs.



This board is the centerpoint of all creativity sessions. Every participants will be able to combine their knowledge and ideas to produce the best designs.

You won’t have to take photos of your designs anymore, Tamashare will export them directly in image format.


Application & screen sharing

Not only will you be able to share your screen and applications, but all the participants will have the opportunity to do that as well! It is thus easy to display elements from any installed software.

Every participants can decide to move his shared screen in the collaborative space, to shut it down or keep sharing it. To prevent security issues, Tamashare won’t allow remote control.



Everyone can write on all documents, images, whiteboards or applications with various pens and highlighters.

Any participants can always retrieve the modified documents to access them later or send them by e-mail.


Post-it & Shapes

You will be able to create any kind of useful shapes to setup your collaborative space for SCRUM sessions or project management.

The post-it are also very useful to write content if you are using a keyboard instead of a touchscreen.


Webcam & Audio

We have integrated the best of the WebRTC technology to provide optimal use comfort and facilitate collaborative work with remote participants.

As a reminder, we encrypt all our communications (webcam, audio, chat, documents, screen sharing…) and we never store them on the cloud, unlike most of the other communication solutions.


Instant messaging

Tamashare is automatically started in the background and allows instant communication and online presence.

Once inside a meeting, the room chat will allow you to share links or any other information with the rest of the participants.


Room setup & save

To prevent frustration during a meeting, even if you lose web connection, you will be able to save at any moments all the elements and annotations added during the meeting.

It will be easy to resume it afterwards, either alone or with any participants you will decide to invite!

You will also be able to prepare your meetings beforehand and fill the meeting room with elements matching the topics that will be discussed.




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