UK Customer service - 01926 818242 (For all enquiries)
                                         - 03330 057012 (For ViewBoard ≥55” Onsite services, and the following PJ models. PJD5255, PJD6350, PJD6352, PJD5353LS, PJD6352LS and PJD6552LWS. Educational user only)

For all other European numbers please see our Telephone support page

Should you require our service support please follow the procedure appropriate to your situation.

If your product is still within its warranty period, do the following:

  1. Double check whether the product is correctly installed.
  2. For other minor technical problems, please check the Knowledge Base, they might help you to solve the problem quickly.
  3. Should you require any further technical assistance please contact your respective Call Desk or Service Centre.
    To find the correct contact details, please choose your country of residence in our "Call Desks" section. Please click here.

If the warranty on your product has already expired, do the following:

In case your product is no longer within its warranty period, but you'd like to have it repaired, you can contact our Call Desk or Repair Center in your country of residence. To find a service centre in your country of residence, please click here.


For owners of TCO '03 labelled products in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden who wish to dispose of their products, please contact our service partner in their respective countries.
ViewSonic has arranged with our respective service provider for the enviromentally, friendly disposal of used monitors.
The respective service provider would be able to assist you and provide details for you to do so.
The contact information can be found in the "Call Desks" section please click here.
Customers interested in further information on recycling please click here.


For accessories please contact your local dealer.


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