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*Due to a hardware incompatibility with macOS USB stack, TD2455 cannot support touch functions by vTouch temporarily.

  • Dual-screen efficiency with touchscreen capability ​
  • 5-Point multi-touch gesture recognition for a natural workflow​
  • Complete touch support for macOS Monterey

vTouch Driver for Mac Users
Опис товару
Mac users can now, for the first time, experience the digital efficiency and hands-on functionality of a dual-screen setup with the ViewSonic TD Series. Easily installed with the click of a button, the vTouch driver enables users to use the full range of 5-point multi-touch gestures familiar to Mac users directly on their external touchscreen display for an optimised and more intuitive workflow. vTouch is a universal binary that works in both the Intel and Apple processors of MacBook and is available for MacOS 10.14 and above, including the latest macOS.
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