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Solution Brief

Stability & Function for Display-Mounted VDI Clients

VDI Client-Mountable Displays


You want to mount VDI clients on the back of your monitors to save desk
space and reduce clutter but you’ve discovered (or heard from colleagues)
that mounting clients often causes tipping or interferes with the monitors’
adjustment capabilities. Is there a way to allow for client mounting while
maintaining ergonomic features and ensuring stability?


Mounting clients onto monitors with an ergonomic stand design is difficult
at best, as most already use the VESA compatible mount holes to enable
their advanced functionality. Even when the standard VESA-compatible
mounting holes are available, using them for client mounting frequently
causes instability and nearly always interferes with the monitor’s
tilt capabilities.

Designed to address the needs of enterprise VDI deployments,
the ViewSonic client mounting system enables secure, stable
mounting – without interfering with the stand’s advanced ergonomic
adjustment capabilities.

Thin and zero clients mount discretely on the back of the stand, which
is designed to securely support any client without losing stability.
Users benefit from a less cluttered workspace and the more customized
experience offered by full ergonomic functionality, which includes
tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustments for maximum comfort and
enhanced productivity.

For a full solution, ViewSonic offers a complete line of discrete thin and
zero clients as well as client-integrated displays.