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Solution Brief

Using Technology

To Deliver Engaging Feedback

What you'll need

What you’ll need to facilitate greater engagement with instructor feedback:

ViewSonic® ViewBoard® interactive displays can help keep feedback timely, consistent and delivered in a user-friendly manner with:

  • Big screen viewing of interactive learning apps for instant, engaging feedback delivery
  • Smooth, accurate 10- or 20-point touch to enable effective whole-class reinforcement using formative assessment tools
  • Exclusive audio record for easy screencasting
  • Proprietary one-touch Google Drive cloud save
  • The ability to import virtually any type of online learning tool for easy delivery of user-accessible feedback customized to student mastery levels


Qwizdom® Ximbus™ (for Google classrooms) or Oktopus™ software for expanded capabilities:

  • Intuitive lesson-plan building tools
  • Content mirroring & annotation tools
  • Instant polling for formative assessment during lessons

Thoughtful, engaging feedback improves learning outcomes. How can technology help teachers deliver more effective feedback?


The use of technology to deliver feedback can increase student attention, engagement and follow through. The most common and well-documented uses include:

Electronic publishing. Typed, digital comments offer legibility, precision and review flexibility, and providing feedback electronically using Google Docs™ and other tools has been shown to increase learning impact.

Audio. Digitally recorded feedback lets instructors provide more detail in less time, may particularly engage auditory learners and can be listened to repeatedly.

Screencasting. Visual data plus audio narration enables engaging feedback that students can save and refer to as needed and is a useful way to deliver whole-class reinforcement as well as individual feedback.

Computer-assisted assessment. Interactive formative assessment activities (via apps/cloud services) can be highly engaging and deliver instant feedback throughout a learning activity.

Live polling. Collaborative software like Oktopus™ and Ximbus™ from ViewSonic partner Qwizdom, along with "clicker" response devices, let students submit real-time responses that provide instructors with instant insight into levels of understanding – enabling them to quickly respond with relevant feedback.

Blogs & other peer activities. Both providing and receiving peer feedback can improve student performance. Blogs facilitate peer feedback opportunities while encouraging writing practice.

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